Monday, August 08, 2005

Top 10 reasons I love to quilt!

#10 - It's a really good excuse to collect fabric.
#9 - Visiting local quilt shops is a good way to escape my in-laws house during required visits.
#8 - Can you say STRESS RELIEF?
#7 - Makes me feel almost as artistic as my architect husband.
#6 - Quilts make great gifts - every is always so impressed that I actually MADE it!
#5 - Great way to spend time with my best friend (who taught me to quilt!)
#4 - Have I mentioned STRESS RELIEF?
#3 - It runs in my family. My paternal grandmother quilted, several maternal aunts quilted, my mom quilts. I am teaching my daughter (6) AND my son (4) to sew. Both of them love to play with my scraps.
#2 - I love making quilts for my kids. I can just imagine them tucking my grandchildren into bed and saying "your grandmother made this quilt for me when I was little." Any quilt I make my kids ask "Can I have that?"
#1 - I feel like I am leaving some sort of tangible proof that I existed. Someday someone will hopefully hold a quilt of mine and wonder about me!

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