Friday, August 19, 2005

My personal quilt gallery

Today I thought I would share a picture of my personal quilt gallery. I got my mid-arm quilting machine and frame in April. When I am not using it to quilt a top, the 10 foot long frame becomes a place to hang quilts in all stages of completion. Starting at the left end are two lap quilts (Blues and greens) waiting for a border and then quilting. Then there is the yellow and green quilt I pieced earlier this week. Hiding underneath that one is a green baby quilt waiting for me to handstitch down the binding on the back. Then comes two baby quilts done in thirties fabrics that are both waiting for the binding to be put on. Are you seeing a developing theme? Then there is a small log cabin table topper (Yellow and black) that I found in a box this week . It needs to be quilted. Next is the wonky houses wall hanging I made. Directions are on Bonnie's site. This one has the binding on, just waiting to sew it down on the back. I know...I know...But I hate doing hand work...I'm so slow at it! And then the last thing hanging on the frame is the scrap quilt I have been working on.

You can just imagine the mess it creates when I want to quilt something and have to take all those quilts off the frame and they end up thrown onto my sewing table! Luckily I can't sew and quilt at the same time anyway!

On another note, I decided to go for a walk this morning as soon as I got my daughter on the school bus at 7. So off I went. Our neighborhood is very hilly, which makes for good exercise, but it also makes you think you've walked a lot farther than you really have. I walked and walked and walked....When I got home I had only been gone about twenty five minutes. So I jumped in my CRV to go measure how far I had gone. Only 1.6 miles. I know that is better than nothing at all but it felt like I had done at least three miles. Just goes to show that I need to exercise more!

Today ends the first week of school. So far my daughter says first grade is "easy". I am sure things will pick up soon! I am hoping she learns to love reading as much as I do. I could lay around all day and read and be perfectly happy. It is so amazing to me how she learned to read. We were contemplating home schooling but teaching someone to read stumped me. Her kindergarten teacher was wonderful. Her first grade teacher has been teaching for twenty years so I am sure she will be able to challenge Maddie enough to keep her interested.

Hope everyone has a chance to quilt this weekend!

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