Monday, August 08, 2005

Hiding places

I recently went looking for a certain unstarted project. It took me a few minutes to think of which hiding place I had placed this particular fabric. I am running out of spaces to put my sewing supplies. We moved into a new house in January and I am thrilled to have a sewing room. The room is only about 10' by 11'. This would normally be plenty of space for a sewing table and needed storage, but my entire life is crammed into this room. I have my sewing table in here. Also have my desk and computer. Then to top it all off I have my mid-arm quilting machine and it's 10' table. Now, are you getting the picture?

So this crammed-full room leaves no place for storage of fabric and other supplies, which leads to the various hiding spots around the house. The first hiding space you come to when leaving the sewing room would be the pie safe in the kitchen. My tea cup collection is on the open shelves on top. On the closed shelves on the bottom are plastic shoe boxes holding thread, already cut out projects, and Styrofoam balls for making Christmas ornaments (that look quilted!).

Then you will need to head down the hallway towards my bedroom, coming to the laundry room. Above the washer and dryer are two kitchen cabinets, each about four feet tall and three feet wide. One cabinet contains the normal laundry room items like cleaning supplies. The other has been taking over by sewing stuff. Several large pieces of home dec fabric waiting to made into curtains (ha-ha!), a shoebox full of antique quilt blocks waiting to be put into a cohesive top, several quilt tops my mom inherited from an aunt (which are eventually going to be machine quilted). This is probably the space that contains the most projects that I don't want to face! If you get stuck in here, you might not make it out alive!

My final hiding space is in my walk in closet. I have stuck an old unused dresser at the end of my walk-in closet. This is where the majority of my stash lives. This is also the only hiding space that my husbands knows about. I am proud to say that my stash has shrunk since joining "Stashbusters" yahoo group. I am especially fond of using Bonnie's method of 10.5" squares for the backs of quilts rather than buying additional yardage. Several people have commented how much they like my "Reversible" quilts! The picture at the top of this post is the back of my son's bed quilt. This was the first quilt back I made using the 10.5" squares.

If I need new hiding spaces, I am considering the vast areas of unused territory under my kid's beds!

How many hiding places do you have?

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