Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shopping....with children

For some insane reason, I woke up this morning wanting to drive to Montgomery which is about 45 minutes away and go shopping. So I piled me and the kids into the car and headed off. Whe we got to Parisians, I returned the shirt I had bought two and half months ago and decided I didn't like it. Anyway...they were having a huge clearance sale on all their summer clothes and since it is still going to be hot here in southern Alabama for quite some time I decided to look around. My children decided to go crazy, chasing each other all over the place. After leaving the mall, they start begging for lunch - its only 10:30! So we go across the street to the quilt store. Amazingly we only stayed about 10 minutes. Nothing on the sale rack was calling me too loudly and I definately don't need any full price fabric. So off we go. We hit a furniture store that was going out of business, claiming that prices were slashed 50 to 70 %. No way. They definately had jacked up the prices so they could then claim to slash prices. Left there quickly too. Then went to McDonalds to quiet the natives. Low and behold right next store is a Hobby Lobby. Went there to check out there sale racks. Came out with 17 yards of fabric for $26 - yes..that's $1.50 a yard. Got several large pieces for backings and some blues and yellows I couldn't resist. Then we came on home and took a nap!

I think I'll go putter around in the sewing room for a while before dinner. I need to quilt a lap sized quilt of my mom's before next weekend so I can take it back to her.

Hope everyone else is getting some quilting done too!


Leah S said...

Hey Sarah, I love your blog - looking forward to seeing the other postage stamp quilt that you said your mom made.

How many children do you have? The shrieking and running around the store sure sounds familiar... hrmm, could it be because my mom had to put up with her 4 kids doing that? ;)


Finn said...

Great job on the shopping Sarah, wow..I'd sure like to hit a sale like that one. How wise you were to keep moving on and then found the "real" deal. High Five for 17 yards to fondle and enjoy.

Bonnie said...

Yeah!!! You get a sticker for leaving the full priced fabric AT the quilt store where it belongs! I've tried very hard to be good in that department too....I just can't pay $8 or more a yard for something that might sit in my stash for years before it is used ;c)

Loved seeing your sewing area fun to imagine where someone is while they are creating...

I haven't done the evil comment spam blocker thing yet..where do I go to do that??


Sewcatherine said...

Greetings from Georgia!! I always start my day thinking that I will be able to do so many great things with the children out of the house. Usually I am back home after one errand. You sure did get a lot done...
I am originally from B'ham and don't get back as much as I would like. Gas is too much. Thanks for the post on my site. Catherine