Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally Done!

It is finally done! Amazingly it only took about 15 minutes to finish quilting my mom's quilt once I finally got around to it. I had been avoiding it since Tuesday because I was having such problems with the tension and then with the wavy borders. Still don't know what went wrong, but I sure am glad it is done! I am also glad that I don't have to bind it!

The first picture is my son and his friend, Taylor. Way too much blond hair and blue eyes! They are so funny together.

Tomorrow night we head to Nashville to go to the AQS show on Saturday. I am looking forward to spending the day looking at beautiful quilts and hopefully not buying too much fabric! It still costs $9 a yard even if its a fat quarter!

Our local sewing center is a collection site for blankets for Project Linus. For every blanket you donate you get a ticket for a drawing for a new Janome DC3050. The last day is 2/18/06. I see a few baby quilts in my near future. Actually I have several sitting here that just need binding. Check out your local Janome dealer and see if they are running the same contest.

My headache never did turn into a migraine but has decided to hang around for three days now. Kind of a dull ache that I don't notice unless I sit still for a minute.


Bonnie said...

Oh Sarah! I hope your migraine is long gone before you get to Nashville! I've always wanted to go to that show....I'm jealous. You can fondle a few FQ's for me, but don't buy me any...I don't have room for them, and after all you bought at hobby lobby, you shouldn't be too tempted either!

I can commiserate with the bobbin fiascos. Isn't it amazing how 10 minutes or less of bad stitching can take hours to pull out! I always hope that it will be the kind of bad tension that leaves the bobbin thread lying flat on the quilt with the top thread being loopies that you can just pull the bobbin thread through. You know? I call them rail road tracks....but usually, I'm not that lucky.

I've also had to do the "tucks in the borders" thing. Not fun! But the quilt looks great, and I really love the colors and the pattern. I can't see pleats at all from here! And I think stopping to stitch down a tuck looks alot better than a forced pucker or a wrinkly surface from trying to mash the fabric around, avoid pleats, and ease it in. You done good!


Finn said...

Absolutely beautiful..the quilt and your son and his friend..*VBS* Nothing like kids and quilts to bring a smile. I think you should be very proud to have done this for your mom. And with the grief it gave you, you deserve at least a couple of fat quarters...*G* Have a marvelous time and soak it all up.

Tracey said...

Sarah, the quilt looks fabulous!! Don't sweat the small stuff...ya done good. :o)
Have fun at the AQS show! Wish I was going enjoy it for both of us.