Thursday, August 11, 2005

A few minutes with my scraps

Late last night I finally got a few minutes to sit down and sew. I wanted to get at least a little corner of my scrappy quilt together. Earlier yesterday afternoon I had a few minutes to cut out the alternate blocks and the setting triangles. When I cut out the strips for the setting triangles I had less than a quarter of an inch string left over! I had made the quilt bigger than first planned because I had enough of the blue fabric to make more alternate blocks. I really like the blue and the green fabrics - it helps to clam down the pieced blocks. Hopefully this quilt will end up big enough for my queen sized bed.

I am looking forward to having more free time in the near future. School starts on Monday for my daughter and on Wednesday for my husband (He's a professor, not a student!) That just leaves me and my sweet little boy (4) at home. He loves to play in my scraps and play with my button tin - so I see more sewing time soon!


Scrapmaker said...

Just dropped by your blog, and I enjoyed seeing your quilts. I am impressed with what you seem to get accomplished...back in the days when I had little ones at home I never got anything done!

Look forward to seeing how this quilt comes out. I always love scrap quilts. Jen

Sharon said...

I really like the different ways this simple block looks when you turn your head, or squint your eye. Can you make it a bit bigger so it will fit on *my* king size bed? Anxious to see a picture of it on your bed!