Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I just got back from the hospital where I got to hold the brand new baby boy that this quilt belongs to. He was born this morning, weighing a hefty 9 lbs. 15.8 oz. He has beautiful strawberry blond hair. My arm is still aching from holding him!

When his mom found out he was going to be a boy, I set out to pick a cute boyish pattern and colors. I happened to be leafing through a QNM and saw this quilt, in these exact colors. Usually I don't like the colors they choose but this one really appealed to me. All the fabrics are 30's reproduction prints. It went together much quicker than I anticipated seeing that there were so many triangles involved. I have had several other people tell me that they want that exact quilt.

I love making baby quilts. They are so quick! If I don't like a particular block, its not that big of a deal to start over. Or if I get tired of making a particular set of blocks, they often end up as a baby/kid quilt.

I have only one friend that expecting right now and she wants me to wait until they get their ultrasound done so I can do a gender appropriate quilt. For her first baby, I just made a neutral quilt because they didn't find out it was a girl until the birth.

Tonight I think I will work on the scrap quilt again. I drew up the quilt today on EQ5 and figured I have enough of the blue fabric for the alternate squares if I do a 5 by 5 diagonal setting. I have 15 of the pieced blocks done - so 10 more to go. I think I am going to use a dark green fabric for the setting triangles around the edge.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Sarah!

I love the baby quilt! Blue and green do look so serene together.

I also saw that you switched your navigation panel. That's fine..I just want every one to be happy with being in the ring and if the bigger one wasn't for you, this one works just great, hopefully we can all work well together. Like I've said, I'm learning as I go!