Monday, August 08, 2005

Clutter control

Is everyone as messy as me when they sew? It seems that the messier my sewing room gets the more productive I feel. Maybe its an illusion! Maybe my mind is just thinking that with all this mess being created something productive must be getting done.

My sewing room is actually the dining room/office. The space is really too small for a formal dining room, but is just right for a home office. I begged and pleaded for a door on this room but my architect husband said no. Now he complains about the constant state of clutter happening in this room. I am not sure why it bothers him so much. He has absolutely no reason to be in here.

The clutter only gets worse when I want to use my quilting machine. Ususally I drape unquilted tops across the poles of the quilting frame. It looks pretty and hides the clutter behind it! When I want to quilt something I have to clear off the the quilting frame and pile everything on top of my sewing table. Plus drag out the bobbin winder, thread, batting, etc.

I wonder if other people make a mess when they sew or am I the only one?

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