Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday's show and tell !

I feel like I have been missing in action all week. We have had a gospel meeting at church this week so that means all our evenings are occupied. That requires getting Maddie to get her homework done as soon as she walks in the door. That's always fun! We had two couples over for dinner on Thursday so I was running around all day, cleaning house and cooking. Finally Saturday is here! AAAHHHH! The kids are playing outside and hubby is working on the spec house next door. I have the house to myself! So far today I have sewn for three hours straight! And talked on the phone to everyone I know, including Nines! She is having a restful or spiteful time in West Virginia!! Which is it?

Let's get to the show and tell part, o.k.?

Quilt top #1 -

I keep finding 2 yard pieces of fabric that are very girlie prints. All I can figure out is that I bought them several years ago, intending to make DD dresses out of it, and then got over that idea! Now that I need to consider making her dresses again, she is too old for these prints! So they are getting made into baby quilts for, you guessed it, Project Linus! If I had been slightly more energetic, I would have fussy cut this fabric so I could center the little figures in the alternate blocks. But that would have wasted ALOT of fabric and would have been a pain to do. So this is what I ended up with. I like how the nine patches look like they are floating on the background fabric, kind of like I appliqued them onto the background. Yeah, right!
Here is a close-up of the fabric so you can see how cute it really is.

Quilt top # 2 -

I was getting a little tired of nine-patches, so I decided on some rail fence blocks, but I had so much of the floral fabric, I decided to do some alternate blocks. Not sure what I think of this one, but it is done! This floral fabric was also supposed to be a dress, I think.

Quilt top #3:

I know I said I was tired of nine-patches, but I am entitled to change my mind! They came about because when I cut the rail fence blocks from the previous quilt I would have about 9 inches left over - the blocks were 11 inches. So I made them into 4 inch strips and then made the yellow/blue/yellow strips for the center. Again, I like the floating nine patch effect.


Brit said...

I love the colors in two and three, Just beautiful. I always love how a simple pattern can look so beautiful

Finn said...

Hurray for sewing time and telephone time!!! Love the 3 new quilt tops..especially the girly one..*VBG* I don't get much chance to work on girl stuff!!

Love how you made that blue and yellow do double duty!!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

You go girl! You're really whipping those babies out! I know they'll be greatly appreciated.

Dawn said...

All the little quilts are so cute and girly! Wonderful! Bet your glad to have time to finally unwind! I know I would be!

cindyquilts said...

I am not the girly-girl sort ... but I love these tops. Nice work ...

cher said...

great way to bust that stash and turn those girlie prints into some cute charity quilts!

Darcie said...

What fun, Sarah! So glad that you're having a good time sewing.

Poor, poor Maddie dresses....(sniff, sniff)

LOL Just kidding!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

Nine gotta love to hate em! It seems like ever other quilt I make has them...they are the best stash busters I know!

Some Linus kids will be very happy!


quiltpixie said...

Sounds like you had some fun catching up with your mmachine, and friends. And the end result is some lovely quilts that will be great fun for someone to receive. Way to go!

Laurie Ann said...

Love the patterns! Thanks for sharing, I need new ideas for my charity baby blankets and now I have them! Good job!