Sunday, January 22, 2006

# 3 finished!

Here is the last of the bright quilts, done! I still need to put the binding on the blue and white four-patch but hopefully that will be done tomorrow. I love all these little baby quilts. They are so fast and fun and most of them have been colors I wouldn't use.

My three-year old niece, Abby, called me last night. She wanted to know if I would make her a "
too, too pink" quilt. I asked if she would like it for her b-day (in July) and she said no, she would like it for Christmas! I told her that her birthday comes before Christmas and then she said oh, ok. My sister is going to take her shopping for the pink fabrics (since I can't buy anything!). How can I resist a face like this?


Deb R said...

What a cutie! :-) Love the hat. And the quilt is cute!

kathie said...

OOOHHH how could you not make her a bright Pink quilt????
She is just adorable.
Like the baby quilts you have made too.
The color wheel is a treasure, I would frame that too....just a wonderful memory you will treasure in years to come.

Laura said...

Abby is precious, she also looks very girly girl so how could you resist making her a pink quilt!

cher said...

yay for pink pink quilts for those that ask for them! perfect kids quilts you are cranking out Sarah!
I love working with brights best!
and I think birthdays are always an exception, after all that is also the day when all food consumed has zero calories!