Monday, January 23, 2006

Another soggy day

I got complaints from the management (aka my sister and mom) that the picture I showed of Abby was not the cutest they had ever seen. So, is this any better? Here she is being kissed by my son. Truly kissing cousins. They are so sweet with each other, always hugging and kissing. We have a similar picture of the older two - Isaac is whispering something into Maddie's ear. If the management will send me that picture, I will post it too.

Today I got the binding put on the four patch. It is skinny binding. I found I had just enough (5) 2 inch strips in my scraps box. Usually I use 2.5 inch strips. I like the skinny look.

I also started on a new baby quilt top. Not much to show for it yet. Made lots of 9 patches today. Not quite as tiny as Bonnie's and Nine's, but they were on the smaller side. They will finish at 4.5 inches.

Need to go finish dinner. Yummy special chicken with orzo. The sauce the chicken is cook in is made with cream of chicken soup, mayo, sour cream, white wine, and grated cheddar cheese. It is one of my favorites. Hopefully it will be done soon!


Darcie said...

Darn! Your dinner sounded better than mine, Sarah. Yum-o.

Darling picture of darling kids!!!

Finn said...

Oh what an adorable pic of the kids. Sorry you got complained to...LOL.

Today's 4 patch is really pretty. I hate that when you have to just squeak by on the binding. I finished one recently (haven't shown it yet) where I didn't "squeak" by. I searched high and low and just couldn't find anymore of that fabric, so I substitued in a different piece. Not sure some little one will care all that much..*VBS*

I was also making 9 patches today, but mine are for th sunshine group. Got about 30 of them done..that's alot of 2.5" squares!!!

Bonnie said...

The quilt turned out SO darling....And good for you for using up the last of those binding strips. I'd go skinny too if it meant not having to cut anymore, or find something to match :c)

Love the pic of the kissing cousins!


JudyL said...

Sarah: Dinner sounds good. I love chicken and I love orzo. Heck . . I love all food!

The kissing cousins are adorable!

Judy L.

quiltpixie said...

If the amnagement doesn't share the pics, how are you supposed to use them? :-) I think the one you posted is cute.

The quilt also turned out well. I love the subdued colours and the narrow border

Holly said...

I usually go skinny. The cousins are so cute! What's that quilt I see on the rack behind Abby? Have we seen that before? Pretty :)