Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another soggy Saturday in Alabama

Today started off foggy and drizzly. Gray. This did not slow my kids down from wanting to go outside! I will admit it was nice and warm - probably about 70 degrees - but very humid! I sat down and finished binding the second bright quilt and put labels onto both of them. Yeah - 2 out of 4 done. Gathered everything up and headed out to run errands - without the kids!!!!!! Peace! I dropped off the pillow. Wanted it out of my hands as soon as possible. She loved it - thankfully! I was worried she would think I ruined her little remembrance of her daughters' childhoods. But she thought it was great! She paid me nicely and is insisting on taking me out to lunch next week.

Then I dropped off the two finished quilts at the sewing center and bought a little more red fabric for the binding on the third bright quilt. I also bought some batting. Speaking of the acceptable B's, me and my mom had a funny conversation about them the other day. I was saying that I was going to have to take Nines to the Stitcher's Garden in Franklin, Tennessee when we have our mini-retreat in June for our b-days. We are meeting at my mom's for a few days of sewing, shopping, eating, and gabbing. My mom has volunteered to watch the kids. Nina is still debating which of hers will make the trip. Anyway, if any of you have ever been to the Stitcher's Garden, you will be able to back me up when I say it is overwhelming. Fabric piled everywhere - barely enough room to pass in the aisles. But the staff seems to know exactly where to find anything you may want. I was saying that I didn't know if I would be able to go there and stick to my no-buy resolution. My mom said she would be shocked if I made it that long. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Then it hit me - B's are free purchases, right? Batting, backing, backgrounds, borders. This little retreat will be for our birthdays. Surely a Birthday fling is a freebie, right? OK, somebody agree with me please ! Come on! Birthday starts with B! If I make it all the way to June without buying anything, I may have to take a mini-retreat from my resolution! Especially if I get birthday money!!!

Nina always laughs at me when we have one of these girl's day out, because I tend to over plan them. Nina just sits back and relaxes because she knows I have googled everything, Mapquested it all, and have the day all planned out. One time I even googled quilt stores for Nines when she was going on a family vacation in north Georgia. I just figure why spend our day wandering around a strange town, getting lost, when we could look up a map, get to the stores quicker and have more time to shop! I have already started looking for "THE BEST CHINESE BUFFET IN NASHVILLE" for us to eat at in June. Chinese food or a nice little tea room with yummy chicken salad sandwiches is always a requirement for a girl's day out.

Since Nines shared the remains of her antique nine-patch, I wanted to share one of the ornaments she made for me using part of the quilt. She is right - the nine patches are tiny. Nines made me 5 or 6 of these - but this was the only one I could lay my hands on.


Sandra said...

I love that yellow novelty print - another gorgeous quilt!

Sharon said...

And I love the little 9 patch ornament!

BTW, I think the "no-buy" rule shouldn't apply on your birthday, on a berry special retreat, or if you are being good for 6 months!

I'm on the restricted fiber diet, too, but I think you could bend the rules just a bit - don't you?

quiltpixie said...

*laughs* Birthday does start with B... so does "blues", "berry print", "bunch of fabric".... hummmmmm if I'd taken the challenge (which I admit I was too chicken to) I'd find any bending only made adhering any other time impossible.... What about sending someone to buy stuff for you??? would that work? :-)

Seriously, if planning for one bend makes the resolution easier, go for it!

Bonnie said...

Cute bright quilt! I need to speed up my pace on the charity quilts too. Nothing feels as good and busts more stash than those...last year I did one a month, and it was a good chore..the only months I didn't do it was december. And I agree with you BIRTHDAY should be a free purchase item too!


Finn said...

I'm voting with both hands for bending "b's" to include "birthday"...all is favor, OK..we passed can buy for your birthday *VBG* too!!

Love the quilts you are finishing for Project Linus..they look great and soooo happy!! Good job Sarah!!!

Angela said...

Let me know before you come and I will let you know all the good places to eat!


kathie said...

Love your reasoning on the B's
hmmm maybe I will have to include my Birthday in my buying too.
Ok should I start saving some money to do that in July????
what a great idea to make ornaments from antique quilts that are considered cutter quilts....
we can still treasure them this way.
I have seen teddy bears made and always wanted to make one of them, someday I will get a cutter quilt and make them.