Thursday, January 12, 2006

Never a dull moment!

Last night Ian had a run-in (literally) with another little boy at church. The other boy ended up with a big knot on his forehead. Ian's lip started bleeding again - which freaked the other little boy out! I had to assure him and his mom that Ian has been previously wounded! Later last night I was talking to Ian, when I noticed his front tooth is suddenly back where it belongs, instead of pointed backwards. I made him let me feel it and it was loose! UGH! So I spent the whole night tossing and turning, worried that he was going to have that tooth pulled. Back we went to the dentist office this morning. He took another x-ray and said that everything still looked o.k. He said he would not be surprised if the tooth turned dark. The tooth seemed a little more stable this morning so he said we should just watch it for a few weeks. I am thinking about buying Ian a football helmet with one of those mouth guard things! Do you think he would wear it 24 hours a day to make me happy?

I managed to make another baby quilt yesterday. Nice and bright! I have enough of the four-patches made to make another one the same size.

I am going to make myself work on rescuing my bedroom from the piles of laundry which seem to be multiplying daily. If I can get it all cleaned up, I will take a picture of the huge quilt on my bed. It is quite comical!


Laurie Ann said...

I am thinking bubble wrap. You could roll him up in bubble wrap from head to toe, with holes in all the appropriate places. Then just unwrap him for bath and bed. That should do it, huh? I only have dogs and worry enough about them I just can't imagine having a little human I had to worry about. I think I would go insane from the worry! Good luck!

Nines said...

Good Grief!!!! MY teeth are starting to ache!

Sandra said...

I agree with Lauri Ann - bubble wrap is the way to go for Ian LOL. Hope things get better! Love the baby quilt - this is my favourite baby pattern at the moment.

Darcie said...

Sarah...we just recieved seats for Trent's car that were smothered in bubble wrap...want it? ;-)

Poor guy! Seems...when it rains, it pours!

What a fun baby those bright colors!

Tracey said...

oh no! the poor kid! i'm with you...go for the helmet! :o)