Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Saga of the Pillow

This is the story of what happens to people that can't say no! This story can also be called "How to make a pillow in 100 easy steps!

Step 1: Take the needlepoint out of the hoop (see yesterday's photo). Notice that needlepoint fabric is too small to be the front of the pillow. Lisa had provided a 12 inch pillow form. The fabric was about 7 inches at its widest point.

Step 2: Make several frantic phone calls to Nina (at work!) and my mom. Needed ideas on how to expand the front to cover the front of the pillow. Got suggestions ranging from applique it on a bigger circle (Yeah, right!) , add strips around the outside (this is what I did)or to do 4 pieces like Drunkard's Path blocks around the outside to make it bigger.

Here is what I ended up with -

Step 3: Make 2 (yes, 2) ruffles - each about 100 inches long to start with. Here I am sewing down the green accent ruffle.

Doesn't look too bad , does it?

Step 4: When trying to make the ruffle out of the pink plaid fabric, decide that it is too thick. Now you get to put in little quarter inch pleats all the way around.
Step 5 - After sewing the pleated ruffle to the back circle, sew the front to the back. Yes you will be sewing through 6 layers of fabric. Can your machine handle it? Look pleased with your self when you turn it right side out and it looks cute!

Step 6 - Put the provided pillow form through the opening into the pillowcase. Please remember to have left an opening! Shockingly, I did remember!

Step 7 - Be even more shocked when your carefully pieced pillow case is too big, instead of too small like you were expecting! Now what do you do?

Step 8 - Get in your car and drive to Walmart only to discover that they do not carry pillow round forms. Get back in your car and drive to the sewing center, where they cheerfully exchange your wrong sized pillow form for a slightly too big pillow form. Wrestle to get the pillow form in to the pillowcase.

Step 9 - Go home. Sew up the opening by hand.

Step 10 - Take a nap.


Leah S said...

I think you forgot step #11 - don't over commit yourself! :)

christine said...

I think the pillow looks wonderful.

have noticed too, if you use pillow or cushions, they 'smoosh' down after a while, so the bigger size will stay plumper longer

Lucy said...

This was so fun to read !! I love how you did your pillow. It is so SWEET

Sharon said...

LOL! What a trip! When you asked earlier about the fabrics for the ruffles, I didn't envision the double ruffle. I think it is what makes this little pillow! You did good, girl, even with the exchanges etc. And I agree, you missed the step about saying "not this time".

Laurie Ann said...

Well done! You are a good friend! Maybe I should start working on that pillowcase I promised someone more than a month ago ... :) You have inspired me!

cher said...

nice job! enjoyed the giggle this brought as I recalled being conned into similar favors-now when someone asks if you sew? you say not any more ! right?! Cher

Sandra said...

This is so funny - am still laughing to myself! I always use a pillow form about 2" bigger than the cover because it will smoosh down a bit. Good job! :-) :-) :-) Now look at me and watch my lips "n.....o". (hee hee, still giggling)

Holly said...

It looks wonderful! You're gonna make an old lady very happy :)

Nines said...

Girlfriend, I laughed my head off!! Especially when you discovered the pillow was too big!!! I thought these kind of things only happen to me!! Remember when I made that pillow for Lucy and you said, "I want to be Nina when I grow up!" Well, honey, it looks like you've arrived! It looks really great, though! Pillows can be painful. A lesson learned, eh? Love you to pieces! Nines

Dawn said...

A great story! But the pillow did turn out adorable in the end! It is sooo cute!

YankeeQuilter said...

Love your story...I can't tell you how many half-finished pillows are hiding in my qult room! They should be easy but never work out that way...another killer - Christmas Stockings!