Saturday, January 07, 2006

Alive and better in Alabama

I heard from my one loyal blog reader (my sister!) today that she thought I must be dead since I had not posted in a few days. Friday I woke up with a headache and no voice. I got up, picked out school clothes for DD, packed her lunch, and went back to bed. DH got up and got her ready and took her to school for me. I stayed in bed ALL day, sleeping for most of it. I woke up this morning feeling much better. The funny thing was last night DH walks into our bedroom and asks whats for dinner and tells me that I didn't take anything out to thaw! He nearly got beaten to death - if I had felt just a little bit better!

Thursday I got the binding put on the blue trip around the world quilt and got it half put on the hot pink quilt. So this morning I finished putting on that binding, put on the label, and delivered them to the sewing center.

I spent about an hour last night trying to organize the boxes in my sewing table. Spent some time cutting scraps down to Bonnie's suggested sizes. Came across a gallon size ziplock bag full of 3 inch squares leftover from this quilt. I am making the left over squares into four patches which I will alternate with a solid white square. I'll show a picture when I get the top together.

I also decided that I no longer have any interest in this quilt. So I am going to cut my losses and finish it up into something maybe lap sized instead of bed sized. I already have enough of the pinwheel blocks made to finish it up. I had put this away in August because I got tired of it. I found the pieces in the bottom of my scrap box yesterday and decided that I am still tired of it! Anyone else have UFO's out there that they just can't face?

Well, I need to go get DD out of my tub before she floods my bathroom and get DS into the tub to soak off a few days dirt! How does one little boy get so dirty? Don't bother to answer that! I know its because of the lovely yard full of beautiful red mud in the lot next door. I can't wait for that sod to go down - hopefully in the next week or so! Yeah!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


TMH said...

Beautiful quilts! I'm always impressed by those things. The women in my family are awesome seamstresses as well. Somehow that creative gene skipped over me. Oh boo!

JudyL said...

I know you felt awful if you stayed in bed all day and didn't bother to take anything out to cook! Men!! Next time he feels bad, you make a list of hard stuff he needs to do and gently nudge him about doing a few chores.

Glad you're feeling better.


Nines said...

I've been under the weather, too. Glad to hear you are feeling better- here's hopin' I'm on the mend, too. I like that wind mill thing. Why don't you give it some more simmer time?

Sandra said...

I like the quilt you're tired of. It happens from time to time, but if I really don't want it in the house any more I give it away for a charity to use.

Brit said...

Organizing my sewing stuff always ends with me dragging out aonther project. My husband just rolls his eyse when I say I'm off to "clean" my sewing room

Finn said...

So sorry about the headache Sarah, that's a miserable thing to have.
Good going on working on the scraps tho, and sorting those old projects. And YES..I also am one that wished the gremins would come in the night and take the UFO's I'm sooooo tired best thing..leave them in a box..out of sight. Glad you are feeling better..*VBS*

Darcie said...

Hope you're on the recovery road, Sarah. When one of us is under-the-weather...we make a tea of: juice from 1 lemon; an equal amount of honey; enough heated water to make a tea...and here's the best part: just a tiny sprinkling of ground cayenne (sp?). The cayenne will get those yucky fluids moving on out of your body!

Holly said...

I got a chuckle out of your DH asking what was for dinner. Hope you are feeling better.