Saturday, December 24, 2005

Today's surprise accomplishment

My mom called a few weeks ago, asking if I had any girlie baby quilts that did not have a purpose. What a question! She knew of course that I had the pile of tops waiting to be quilted for the Project Linus contest. Anyway...She really wanted to give a long time friend a quilt for her new grand-daughter. Mom and Linda have been friends since my dad was in college. What makes me feel old is that I have memories of the birth day of the new mother. I was seven. I remember we went to the hospital to see her in the nursery. I know there are lots of people out there that can say the same thing about me making them feel old, specifically my mom!

So we decided on this pink quilt. And of course she wanted me to quilt it! I am taking it to her to bind. I put it on the machine this morning, thinking maybe I could get it quilted tomorrow afternoon. But the kids played outside for a while this morning so I got about half done then. And tonight their bedrooms had to be cleaned before Santa could come and then baths had to be taken, so the quilt got finished!

Can I share with you how much I love using the last of something? Like using a spool of thread until it is entirely gone? Or piecing together pieces of leftover batting to use on this baby quilt? I think it give me a sense of finality that I don't get from my house cleaning and laundry! My mom is probably thinking to herself "what house cleaning?" You didn't know I could read your mind long distance did you?

Time for me to go to bed so Santa can come. He may get stuck in the mud around here. Definitely no snow here - but it has been raining since about 6 pm.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty! Thank you so much for doing that!

Dad says that's the same feeling he gets from using wood scraps for a project.

See you tomorrow!
love, mom

quiltpixie said...

The different coloured "girl print" fabrics really make this looks great for a baby...

JudyL said...

Sarah: I am the same way with using the last of things! Every time I throw away an empty spool of thread, I am delighted and then I think to myself . . I wonder if anyone would think I'm nuts for getting so excited about this. Now I know there are at leat two of us!

That's a very cute quilt for a baby girl. I know her mom will be thrilled!

I will not even comment on the age thing!

Judy L.

Lucy said...

This is a very beautifull babyquilt!! The colors are so soft!! My brother is getting a baby (actually his wife, lol) At the end of januari. I think I will wait with the quilt untill it is born. Then we know it is a boy or girl. A quilt is always a special gift.

Bonnie said...

I love the story of the baby quilt....and the using up of the last bits of ANYTHING..that includes getting the last impossible squeeze out of the toothpaste tube, or using up the last of a deoderant that is so far gone, that the white part keeps falling off the base....or hair conditioner you really don't like, but you'd rather use it until it's gone, because you can't pitch it and just buy new. *LOL* I think we were cut from the same cloth!

I hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Finn said...

the baby quilt is the colors you used. And how great that you could finish up "odds and ends" of batting and thread. I too, celebrate the "ending" of bits and pieces, thread, etc. Hate it when I used tha last rotary blade tho, and have to buy more..*G*
Christmas blessing to you and your wonderful family..*VBS*

Dawn said...

Oh this is a really sweet baby girl quilt! I just love it!