Friday, December 23, 2005

I actually did something quilty!

Today, I let myself take a time-out and sit down to sew on the binding on the quilt Nines gave back to me last week. She's right - it is HUGE! Last night I bought the cafe clips at Home Depot and got hubby to put them up so I could take this picture. As you can see, my curtain rod that is about 9 feet high - is still not tall enough to show this quilt in its entirety! Now if this doesn't cover my whole bed, I am just going to give up!

I decided to call this quilt "Land of Lincoln", in homage to the log cabin blocks and the birthplace of yours truly! Lots of wide open spaces in Illinois! I had forgotten how flat Indiana and Illinois are until we were driving across the wide open plains covered with snow, last week. I expected Alabama to be flat but it is actually really hilly, nice gentle flowing hills. Birmingham is the ending point of the Appalachian mountains.

I tried to get a couple of shots to show off Nina's quilting. She did beautiful feathered wreathes in the open spaces. And then kind of McTavishing in the other spaces. I LOVE IT! Especially because I know Nina quilted it just for me!

The pictures should be clickable. The quilting will be more visible in the larger pictures.

Thanks again Nina! I will always cherish this quilt because we both had a hand in making it.


trish said...

Sarah, your quilt is stunning. Love the blue/brown/teal/tan color combinations, and the subtle scrappy effect. The quilting looks wonderful too.


quiltpixie said...

This is just wonderful, and you weren't kidding when you said large! If you ever have a giant come for the night, you'll be ready for them :-)

Tonya R said...

the quilt looks so wonderful, Sarah. Excellent color combination and placement and quilting... I'm sure it will fit your bed perfectly. An excellent Christmas present for yourself.

Carolyn said...

It's all beautiful, the quilting, the piecing and design. Congratulations on a great team effort! Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth said...

How beautiful, Sarah and Nina! So.... does it fit your bed? It makes me wish I could have my anniversary quilt on my bed! love, mom

Elizabeth said...

One more thing... your sister (believe it or not) told me last night that she still doesn't want to become a quilter, but she wants to make ONE really nice quilt in her lifetime. I told her if she did that, she'd be hooked! Maybe you and Nina can work on her in June!
love, mom

Nines said...

Did you have to show that blue feather wreath? You know I hated it! Oh well, I can see it will follow me through eternity now! I love you!

Finn said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful Sarah..*VBS* I think both you and Nina did a fantastic job. I'm so glad you suggensted enlarging it, I did and I was amazed by how scappy it truly is. From a distance it doesn't read as that! Awesome job!

Katrina Wolff said...

I love this!
Especially like those dark strips, they give it a snappy feel.
Just gorgeous.
- Katrina