Sunday, December 11, 2005

An Early New Year's Resolution !

First of all, this is my 100th post! Who knew I had so much to say? No comments from the peanut gallery please. I want to thank all of my faithful readers, both of you! And of course I need to thank all of the other Mavericks - you all are such a big inspiration to me. You make me want to get out of my quilting rut and try new things.

Which leads me to my second point. After reading Judy and Bonnie's recent posts about our out of control stashes and piles of UFOs , I have decided to make a NO-BUY commitment for 2006. I am going to use the same guidelines as the yahoo group "Stashbuster" uses. No buying allowed - except for the B's - backgrounds, borders, or backings, binding, and batting - needed to finish a project. I really have enough fabric to last me a while, really I do. If I could just get my brain to remember that fact. If I got busy making stash quilts, I bet I could use up most of my stash by this time next year. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not feel guilty when I go fabric shopping?

Anyway... anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome to. I would appreciate all the encouragement I can get.

Does anyone else have any quilting New Year's resolutions they would like to share?


JudyL said...

Sarah: I'll join you! But for me, the "B's" will be bolts! I can only buy bolts! :) No, not really. But, I may have to buy something because that other "B" word hanging over my head right now.

Do you think you can use up most of your stash by this time next year? That would be great!

As far as other resolutions, I'll just find my list from last year. Everything is the same (which means I didn't do very good in 2005). I think they were: lose weight, spend less time on the computer, buy less fabric.

OK . . 2006 is our year. We'll stick with these resolutions!

Judy L.

Tonya R said...

Congrats on 100 posts!! Woohoo, party. I'm a loyal reader, so who's the other one? Hmm, I bet you got more than two.

Sharon said...

Well, here;s another one who comes to the party! So by count, there's more than two, right? LOL!

I've already joined the NO-BUY policy, and I actually began it last year. But there is no way that I could use all my stash in one year! More like maybe five? It's remarkable just how little fabric it takes ot make a quilt, and I also used to buy it by the bolt!

So maybe this year I can get rid of some more! Don't get me wrong - I love it all - it's just too MUCH!

Finn said...

Count me in Sarah...I'm making the same resolution!! Which is a great one, by the way!

I think most of us have way too much fabric. For me, it's also those dreaded UFO's...but I'm going to be working on them and trying NOT to start new ones. I don't think I can use my stash in ONE year, but I'm going to dimished it at least!! Congrats on the 100th post!!

Samantha said...

I did the no-buy thing for nearly 2 years- except for the b's and thread- and actually, it was kind of fun. Really pushed me to think outside the box. Have fun, and good luck!

Nancy said...

not sure I can commit to no buy but I will commit to no frivalous purchases. If I don't have a specific project for it the store can keep it for me until I do. Except cat prints. Any and all new cat prints that present themselves to me next year are guaranteed to have at least a fq end up in my stash. lol!

As for using all my stash next year. I'm not sure there's enough stitching time unless that's all I did 24 hours a day. But I do plan to make it significantly smaller by next Christmas than it is this year.

Joanne said...

I'm in, too! I definitely can not use all my stash in a year. I can't even seem to make a dent in my scraps! I keep piecing, and piecing and still they breed.

Carolyn said...

So if I do the no buy except for the B's does that mean I have to give up my Sweet Treats? Actually,since my stash isn't very big, I don't need to join this. But I do promise to only buy the things I really need for specific quilts and to shop my stash first! And I promise to dig out my UFOs and finish them!