Monday, December 05, 2005

Look what showed up at my house today!

I went outside this morning to find this large box on my front stoop. Inside was this little sewing machine for my daughter, from my grandmother. As you can see, it is called "Dressmaker", but I would hate to even think about sewing a dress on this machine. It is SO noisy! But of course, Maddie is thrilled with it. It comes with its own carrying case and bobbins, thread, seam ripper, scissors, etc. The knob in the center is for adjusting stitch length. There is a button for the light, one to make it go faster, and one to make it go/stop instead of using the foot pedal. Maybe this will get her addicted to sewing too! If she sticks with it, I would love to buy her her own featherweight for her 16th b-day. I should probably start saving my money right now!


JudyL said...

That's surelyl a cute little machine. I hope Maddie takes an interest to sewing too! Watch garage sales . . I've found a couple of reasonably priced Featheweights.

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Oh that is such a cute machine! I bet Maddie loves it!

Are you going to post a pic of your first quilt Nina told us about? I would love to see it! You two truly are lucky to have such a special friendship!