Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas arrives at the Norman House

Yes, Luke Skywalker was here to help set up our tree. You can never have too many Jedi masters around!

Christmas finally arrived at our house today! We got our act together and went to the Christmas tree farm this morning. What fun! We found this beautiful 8 foot tall tree, cut it down ourselves, and hauled it home. The tree was only $34.50 - and as DH said it is Fresh and from Alabama! We were a little worried we would get the tree home and it would look dwarfed in our living room. This room has 11 foot ceilings and very tall windows. But the tree was just the right size. We got our eclectic collection of ornaments put on it. For some unknown reason one string of lights has decided to blink this year! Too bad we have no presents to put under it! I'd better get busy!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Finn said...

Tree looks beautiful Sarah..and what good looking help you had there..*VBS* I think I could use a Jedi Master or two around here..LOL

Sharon said...

And I'll bet that Luke Skywalker had a blast choosing that tree too, eh?

I miss the aroma of a fresh tree, and the festivities of getting one. Yours is beautiful!

Darcie said...

Great looking tree, Sarah! I bet that was a lot of fun...just like out of a storybook!

Mom and Dad Norman sure have a couple of cute kids! ;-)

Enjoy your Christmas tree...I can smell it from here!

Bonnie said...

I bet the tree smells WONDERFUL in the house too! We aren't putting one up this year because we are leaving for the cabin on saturday......I'll have to smell live pines instead!


Joanne said...

Beautiful kids and they look happy -- what more is there to say?