Thursday, December 08, 2005

More cute kids!

OK, if everyone else is going to show off their cute kids, I am too! This is Maddie (going on 7) and Ian (4.5). They are my sweeties! I spend most of the day chasing Ian around trying to steal kisses.

As far as quilting, I managed to get the backing for DH's coffee lap quilt pieced and loaded on the machine. I am hoping to get going on the quilting tomorrow. I also applied 19 feet of bias binding to another project I am working on (not a quilt). Can't share any more info because they are going to certain people that I know will read this. The binding went much quicker than I expected - probably because I did not have to first make the binding and then sew it on. I bought the premade stuff. Much simpler!

It has been overcast and drizzly all day. Good day to stay in and sew!


Elizabeth said...

Those are the most beautiful children I've ever seen!

JudyL said...


Cute children!!

Judy L.

Sharon said...

Aren't they adorable! And how in the world did you get Ian to let Maddie even touch him long enough for the picture? LOL! They sure are sweet!