Monday, June 05, 2006

See - I DO know how to quilt!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. The kids discovered that our neighbors were having a garage sale Saturday morning. So after tearing through the house, looking for their money, they ran across the street to see what treasures they could find. Ian immediately found a Tonka bulldozer, still in the box, which he promptly bought for a dollar! He was given a pair of soccer cleats. Maddie was in shoe paradise - but sadly they were all to small. The lady who was selling them (a friend of our neighbor) has a daughter who is a year younger than Maddie - but must have huge feet! Maddie tried on about 10 different pairs - not listening to me saying that they would all be too small for her! She finally had to settle for two pairs of flip-flops that were on the verge of being too small. But she just couldn't walk away from a garage sale without buying SOMETHING! I did manage to buy several very pink pieces of clothing for my niece - who was of course, thrilled.

This picture is to tease (torture) Nines about her b-day quilt! That's the back side of it - the bright orange thing. Judy - I tried the line dancing quilting on it, but failed miserably and ended up unsewing it! Ended up going with a big meander! I also quilted the blue pineapples quilt. I LOVE THIS BLOCK! Thanks again, Bonnie, for sharing such a wonderful pattern!

Yesterday I pinned on this quilt to the machine. I started quilting it this morning and have just the bottom border to go. I tried to do something fancy (haha!) in the corner stars. Tried to use a ruler to do some crosshatching and it didn't come out very neatly. But I am way to lazy to rip it out - so I will just learn to live with it! Aren't you impressed? Quilted three quilts in three days?

DD has Brownie camp this week. 8 a.m. to noon for three days. DS was invited to vacation bible school today, except he called it creation bible school! I am not sure he will stay there by himself but we shall see! I am hoping I can talk the teachers into letting him go to the class with the friend who invited him (she is a year older than him). So I may have the mornings entirely to myself for the next few days! How many more quilts do I have sitting here? Hhhmmm!


Shelina said...

I'm impressed at how fast you can get quilts quilted. Um, when you are done with yours, come on over and do mine.

Laura said...

I love the orange backing fabric, I can't wait to see the front!

Miriam said...

aha! that's how you finish so many quilts, you have one of them there huge quilting setups! beautiful quilting and i think that big meander works well. i love the bright orange backing for a big blue quilt (complementary colors) - what wonderful and unexpected company!

Dawn said...

Wow what progress on the quilts! I can't wait to see the front of that orange one for Nina! And how fun that your son got such a deal at the garage sale! That is so cute!