Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another new quilter!

Today I inducted girl #2 into the mysteries of quilting. This is Hannah and she goes to church with us. She just got married last year - their one year anniversary is Sunday. Her older brother also got married last summer and is expecting their first baby at any moment! This is the quilt I made for them. When I gave the quilt to Robert and Andrea, Hannah asked "Did you make that? I have been wanting to learn to quilt!" So she came over this afternoon to get started. Her parents bought her a new Singer sewing machine for Christmas last year.

Anyway - we again decided on a YBR quilt. Nice straight sewing and it looks a lot more difficult than it is. We then went stash shopping and she really liked the 1930's prints. She wanted to make something not too girly - something her husband wouldn't cringe at! So I dug through my stash and pulled out all the 30's prints. We got all the strips cut and I showed her how to sew them back together. I gave her some homework of sewing the strip sets together. We were just finishing up when her husband called for a ride home. She is so excited to be quilting!

Her husband starts med school in Missouri in the fall so they are moving in July. We are going to have to hustle to get this quilt done.

Time to figure out dinner! I am thinking Papa John's pizza sounds really good!


anne bebbington said...

I keep seeing pictures and mentions of YBR quilts - I can't find any instructions on this side of the pond - someone please enlighten me :o)

Nancy said...

Please tell Hannah "Happy Anniversary" from someone who shares that same special day with her. Although mine will be 29 years this Sunday. :-)

Dawn said...

Oh how sweet to taach Hannah! And isn't it fun when they are so excited! And I still love that baby quilt way too much! Almost makes me wish that baby were mine!!!!! :) Ok, maybe not.

Lucy said...

Welcome in quilting world Hannah! .....( and whatch out when teh blogging bug bits you ;-)