Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another birthday gone...

Today was my 37th birthday. I only tell you this because at least I am younger than Nines! I don't feel like I should be this old - probably because my children are so young. Anyway...since I don't have anything quilty to share I thought I would do an adaptation of a meme I saw a while ago.

Here goes:

25 years ago - 1981 - We were living in southern Wisconsin (Hi Finn!) and I was in middle school.

20 years ago - 1986 - We lived in northern Illinois and it was the summer before my senior year in high school (Go Rockford East E-Rabs - don't ask what an E-rab is!)

15 years ago - 1991 - My last year in college (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee). I had already met the man of my dreams - we just didn't know it yet. This is the summer my sister got married.

10 years ago - 1996 - We were married for three years and living in NYC. Stacy was getting ready for his last year in grad school.

5 years ago - 2001 - We were living in the booming metropolis of Muncie, Indiana. We had a brand new sweet baby boy and a two year old little girl. By this time I have met Nines and discovered she is my kindred spirit. She has also infected me with the quilting bug!

1 year ago - 2005 - Now living in Alabama in our brand new house. Still quilting away!

Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about me! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Lily said...

Hey happy birthday Sarah. Mine was on the 16th and I turned 35. Know your pain (!)

I am a new quilter too and came across your blog through the maverick ring :)

anne bebbington said...

Happy Birthday Sarah - you weren't as late as me having babies I didn't start til I was 32 with my first - hope you have a lovely day

Nines said...

Well, how was your B-day? I loved the brief retroscope of your life- I don't think I could do that. Ok, I KNOW I can't do that! What was i doing yesterday? Might remember eventually. One more week!!!!!! Love you!!

Miriam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! i too just turned 37. like my husband says, it's better than the alternative!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!