Friday, June 23, 2006

The Grand Adventure

Tomorrow morning I am leaving to go to Nashville for our (me & Nina) mini retreat! Nines will drive down on Monday. I have spent the day gathering all the goodies I need to take. I have got birthday presents for Nina and my mom. Presents for my sister and my niece and nephews. The only person left out is my poor dad. I didn't think he would want a painted t-shirt. Me and Nina are going to try and sew a lap sized quilt for each of our dads while we are there. Ian and my dad are going to be sorely out numbered once Nina and the girls arrive. There will be 7 girls and 2 boys. Kind of the opposite of Nina's home - 3 girls and 7 boys!

I sent Nines an email saying next year's mini-retreat should focus on fabric dyeing. Nina replied that she wanted to do it NOW! So I surprised her by putting in a hurried order to Dharma for 15 yards more fabric. When I told mom our plan to dye some fabric, she got extremely nervous - thinking we were going to attempt this in her brand new (WHITE!) kitchen! No, no, no. We will be safely located outside somewhere.

I have got a huge pile to put in the car. The kids' suitcases are packed. The last load of laundry is in the dryer. Hubby is almost home and then we will enjoy some home-made cajun shrimp pasta! We got the idea from Red Lobster and hubby has made it several times. I have the shrimp all cleaned and ready for him and the pasta water is already hot. Now I am hungry from talking about it.

I will leave you with one quilt picture. Here is my finished blue pineapple quilt. Sshhh! It is a surprise for someone I will see tomorrow. Me and Nina will post lots of pictures of all the birthday goodies when we get home!


anne bebbington said...

Lovely quilt Sarah - have a fabulous time!

Sharon said...

Oh what fun! I am getting excited about your trip, too,and I'm not even going! And I love he blue blossom quilt - I know someone else will love it too! Can hardly wait to see all the fun!

one tired mama said...

Weren't we surprised and happy!!! It is for Joey!!! I thought it was for mom! You'll get lots of baby kisses for this one. Maybe he'll even walk to you. Glad you are here!

Nines said...

giggle. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it! Soon. Very soon. I just need to do all the things that you have already done. Do you think my 7 men will be able to manage without me? Do you think I will be able to manage without them. Too late to have doubts now, eh? We will most definitely dye outside, far, far away from the new house. Can't wait to see you!

ForestJane said...

That pineapple quilt looks great!