Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A morning without children!

My DS shocked me by staying at the vacation bible school this morning. He was able to go to class with his friend so that helped a lot. So I had the morning to myself! From 8 a.m. to noon!!!! I was even able to push DH out the door at about 9:30. And the good news is I should have the mornings to myself for the rest of the week. Can you see me doing a little happy dance?

After finishing the final row of the quilt from yesterday's post, I loaded on this baby quilt. It is for my #2 cousin, whose baby is due in September. I thought it was due in June, but my mom relieved my fears and gave me the correct date. My mom pieced this top too. We make a pretty good team! Mom made the quilt noticeably longer than wider, so I removed one row and was then able to use the remaining 1.5 yard piece of teddy bear fabric for the backing. Yeah! No having to piece the back. I finished quilting this one just in time to go pick up DD from Brownie camp.

This afternoon I went looking for a backing for this blue YBR, that has been sitting in the "to be quilted" pile for at least a year. I went back to the dresser that holds most of my stash and pulled open the bottom drawer, where I store the larger pieces of fabric. There on top was the blue toile that my friend had given me a few weeks ago. It is the perfect shade of blue and goes great with the old fashioned prints in the top. And there was plenty of it to piece the back. So I've got this one loaded on the machine right now and have quilted one pass. It is ready to go in the morning.

There is only one quilt left in the "to be quilted" pile - this one. My mom keeps asking me about it - I think she is secretly hoping I will put the borders on it, quilt it, and then return it to her. I broke it to her this afternoon that it is destined for my bed!

Now do not mistake the dwindling, almost non-existent, "To be quilted" pile with the lack of UFOs. No, got plenty of those. And as I was typing that, several more "to be quilted" tops occurred to me. One is my lime green wall hanging. How could I have forgotten that? And then there are two (?) tops made by my great aunt that my mom wants me to machine quilt. When my great aunt passed away a year or so ago, mom bought several quilt tops and several quilts from her estate auction. So there is no rush on those tops. Actually I am not sure there is backings or batting for those two. They are hidden away in the cabinets above my dryer. Easy to forget!

Time to put the kiddies to bed!


ForestJane said...

Wow, I am impressed! You've been so industrious. And your Tonka Truck kid is getting so brave and independent! Glad he's enjoying creation bible school... :)

You ought to get an audio or video tape of him talking about it, to blackmail him when he gets to be a teenager... lol You know, "Be home by midnight, or I'll play the creation bible school tape the next time your girlfriend comes over... "

Nines said...

Ok, ok, I'm a little envious. Here I sit with weepy pukey kids and there you stand getting all these quilts done... If one of them weren't mine, I might be a little bent out of shape over it. Congrats on all the free time. Isn't it amazing what you can get done, unshackled?

Elizabeth said...

Just to get your facts straight, those two quilt tops did not come from Aunt Thelma's auction... all the ones I bought there were finished and from the 30's and 40's.... the ones you have, Grandma bought from Aunt Nadine, who is still alive and well and quilting at 90 years old!
love, mom

Laura said...

Sarah, you get so much done and you call yourself disorganized, I don't think so lady. I love the blue YBR!

Dawn said...

No, I don't think that one is going on your bed - I think it is going on mine! I love that one!

Fiona said...

Beautiful blues - this one and the pineapple blossom in the previous post.

Ann said...

Sarah, wtg! I love "alone" time. But then, my kids are grown, so now the only one I have to worry about is dh! DS still lives here, but at 19, he's always gone. Nice to see how productive you've been.