Sunday, June 25, 2006

More birthday presents!

I have arrived safely in Nashville. We made a quick pit stop on the north side of Birmingham to stretch our legs - yes, it was at a Hobby Lobby. It was Ian's idea! They had some amazing fabric at $1/yard. I found some pink fabric for the backing of my friend's pink quilt for her daughter. Also found several beautiful yellows that had to come home with me. And a nice emerald green. How can you say no at $1/yard?

We handed out birthday gifts when I got to my sister's house. It is not actually her birthday but she got presents anyway. I gave everyone their t-shirt. The penguin t-shirt was a major hit! Then came time for Naomi to give me my birthday present. She has me sit down and close my eyes. She hands me a frame with a poem in it. The poem is called "The Legacy". I start reading it and only make it through the first couple of lines before I start tearing up. I ask where she found this poem and she says "Have you finished reading it?" So I finish reading it and then ask again. No answer just a goofy smile. SHE WROTE THE POEM JUST FOR ME!!!! It is about children who are lucky enough to have quilts in their lives, made by loved ones. Needless to say, I started to bawl when she admitted that she had written it. I will post the poem when I get the chance. It is amazing! I reread it this morning and got teary eyed again!
I am going to send it in to one of the quilting magazines. I think every quilter needs to read this poem. Naomi - thank you again! It is the best present anyone has ever given me.

Oh, the blue pineapple quilt was for my 1 year old nephew Joey. My mom and sister both thought it was for my mom! Like she needs any more quilts! I am hoping I will get some sweet kisses from Joey as a thank you.

Got to go eat breakfast and get ready for church. Hurry Nina!


JudyL said...

Sarah, I'm amazed that in all your travels, you always have to stretch your legs at a location where there's a Hobby Lobby. On your way home, when your legs need a stretch, Hobby Lobby has their batting half price this week.

Have fun with Nina!

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, I'm tearing up just thinking about you tearing up over your poem. Yes a quilt magazine needs that poem with a picture of Naomi with her quilt!

Oh have fun with Nina!!!!