Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Aaahhhh! Pictures!

Blogger has decided to be agreeable today. Here is the picture from Monday night's raspberry freezer jam making experiment. I bought a can of biscuits yesterday at the grocery store - so maybe I will have a tasting party for breakfast tomorrow.

My new quilting friend (new to quilting, not new to me!) got her blocks all assembled last night! Today I showed her how to pin them together and sew them together in pairs. She has ordered her own 1/4" foot for her machine. Her mother has already told her that she wants a KING sized quilt for her bed! I told Christie she may have to tell her mom to "Get in line!" We had to go get a little more pink fabric today. We decided to go "No borders" and need to make a few more blocks to make the quilt into a queen size.

I feel like I haven't posted any pictures of my own work lately but it is because everything I have done is either a b-day present for Nines or one for my mom! By the way - Happy Birthday, Mom! Hope you enjoyed your lunch at McD's!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!


ForestJane said...

*wants a hot biscuit with jam SOOO bad*

Nines said...

Me, too, me too!!!
Thanks for the phone call. Can't wait to see you!!

Elizabeth said...

Are you bringing raspberry jam to my house? I have strawberry! Had a wonderful birthday ... thanks for suggesting the nickel quilt book to Naomi! I love it and can hardly wait to get started!

anne bebbington said...

I'm intrigued Sarah - please indulge a blogger from the other side of the pond - what is freezer jam?

Dawn said...

Oh man, I used to make strawberry freezer jam - it was sooo good! Your making me hungry - raspberry would be even better.... mmmm.