Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wednesday - the good and the bad

Wednesday started off so nicely. I got the pink baby quilt loaded on the machine and got over half of it quilted. I did little delicate loopy-loops. White thread. I think it looks cute.

We left the house about 11:45 to run some errands. We went by the sewing center to pick out something for the binding on the pink quilt top. I got a hot pink fabric with white polka dots. This was the only darker pink that they had - so it will have to work. You should be proud - I only bought a half a yard. I could have justified a yard by saying the rest could go into Abby's quilt - but I didn't.

At 12:30 we had to pick up an elderly lady that we go to church with. She needed a ride to the doctor. She needed to run a few errands first. So we go to the bank and then she sends me into Walmart for a money order (they are cheaper there you know!) Then we head off to the doctor - early. Her appointment is at 1:15. She goes on into the building and me and Ian wait outside. At 2:10 I go inside to check her progress. She has made it back to an exam room. When I express a little concern to the nurse (because Maddie gets off the school bus at 2:30) she says she will be out in a few minutes. She also suggests that I could go pick DD up and then come back. I decline her offer since this would involve way too many trips clear across town. The drive to my house from the doctor's office is at least 15 minutes, then back to pick up Miss Audrey, then back to her house, then home? No thanks! So we wait...and wait...and wait. Luckily I was able to get a hold of someone to pick up DD at the bus stop. Finally at 2:40, Miss Audrey comes waddling out. Over an hour and a half??? And she had the second appointment after their lunch break. This is the same doctor where we sat outside his office for a 1 pm appointment and they didn't return from lunch until almost 2 pm. I would be looking for a new doctor if it was me. So we get home in time to do homework, take baths, and get dressed for bible study. At this point, I am exhausted. So we talk DH into taking us out for dinner!

One nice thing - while DD was doing her homework in my sewing room, I managed to finish quilting the pink baby quilt. The shower is a week from Saturday - at my house. Next week will be spent cleaning!!


Joanne said...

I love this pink quilt. I looks so soft and cuddly.
What kind of quilter do you have? I can't tell much from the picture.

I think I'd suggest to Miss Audrey that most doctors don't make you wait that long!

Nines said...

Lucy, I'm home! Still have the van to unpack, but I'm movin' slow, today. Miss A. is always a trial, but it's good of you. I really like this quilt.

Laura said...

Sounds like our Dr.'s office! The quilt is wonderful, and to be finished a week in advance, WOW!

Finn said...

The pink quilt is turning out beautifully!! And I'm so proud of you for just getting the half yard..that HAD to be hard..but GOOD GIRL!!! And as far as poor Miss Audrey went, I'm sure you earned a whole big shiny star for your crown in heaven for your patience and good deed. You are a sweetie to do that for her...God's blessings for you and your family..Hugs, Finn