Thursday, February 09, 2006

My mom - the codependent

Do any of you remember in the 1980's how there were all these books about being codependent ? I think it meant that you were supporting someone in some sort of destructive behavior. My mom has decided to become an enabler to my fabric buying compulsion! Instead of paying me in cold hard cash for that baby quilt I just sent her, this is what she sent me.

She remembered that I had said I would like to make more two-color quilts like this one, but that I needed more white-on-whites. The 2 fat quarters of daisy fabric she said were too me to pass by! I told her Nina would agree. And a gift card to Joann's - how can you go wrong with that! She knows I will have to come to Nashville to use the gift card since we do not have any Joann's near here. The gift card is inscribed to "Daughter of the Year" , from "Sneaky mom".

I got another surprise yesterday. I answered the phone and was shocked to hear Nina's voice. She never calls. I always call her. She said when she was cleaning house she found THREE calling cards from me, each with 125 unused minutes. I asked her if she took it as a sign that she was supposed to call me! She said yes. The funny thing was that I had just finished reading her latest posting about trying to have a spectacular day and was thinking to myself that she really needed to call me if she wanted to have a great day! She was busy cleaning her sewing room while talking to me and I was busy trying to do laundry and get my house in order for the shower on Saturday. We both agreed that we need one of those headset things so we could accomplish a lot while talking on the phone but not end up with a crick in our necks. We had a nice visit anyway!

OK, I really need to go get busy getting this house clean for the party. I still need to get the binding sewn onto the pink quilt and get the label put on.


debby said...

Those headset things are so great! Not only for cleaning, but for quilting, too. Maybe they should sell them with the notions at quilting stores?


Darcie said...

What a great Mom/Daughter team you make!

And yes! You and Nines each need headsets. I've gone through quite a few of them in the past few years. I don't care for the ones that just stick in your ears though...I must have wierd ear holes...cuz the kids' MP3 earpods don't feel good either. Anyway...if you can, it's nice to try them on...or have the liberty to return them. A client told me that she purchases the ones that are intended for cell phones. According to her, they have better sound/less interference.



Great diaper cake. My pics load slowly...I just couldn't imagine...'til I saw it. Cute! Have fun with your shower, Sarah!

JudyL said...

You get one of those headset things and tell me how it works, ok? I think my shoulder must've gotten fat (everything else has!) because I can't hold the phone in the right position so as to hear! And, then my neck hurts if I do it too long so . . try out that headset thing for me, will ya?

Judy L.