Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Father-In-Law made my day!

My FIL just called and said he had a couple of questions for me. First he asked "If someone wanted to commission you to make a quilt like my coffee quilt, how much would you charge?" I start himming and hawing. I say the fabric costs at least $75. I then tell him no one is willing to pay you what a quilt is really worth. Anyway, I tell him a number. He then asks if I did the binding or if my mom did it. I did the binding.

Fred is serving on a committee with a woman who also happens to be the quilting guild president there in Little Rock. She happens to mention that a nationally certified quilt appraiser is coming to town. Fred says he has two quilts he wants to get appraised (my coffee quilt and my MIL antique postage stamp quilt)

My coffee quilt appraised at an astonishing $995. I am shocked! The appraiser said it is very rare for a contemporary quilt to appraise for that much. She also said she very rarely sees such straight binding. Haha! The postage stamp quilt appraised for several hundred dollars less than mine.

I need to go put my feet up. I am feeling a little light headed!


Leah S said...

Way to go Sarah!!!!!!! Now you have to tell us all your binding secrets! :)

cindyquilts said...

Yippee for you! Well earned praise and validation.

Laura said...

It is good to hear that someone knows the worth of your talents! How do you do your bindings?

Laurie Ann said...

That's great!! How neato!

Nines said...

Hey! You can do my binding anytime! Love you! Nina

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Amazing!!! That's such great news!

Darcie said...

My coffee quilt appraised at an astonishing $995. I am shocked!

You KNOW it's because of the coffee, don't you???!!! LOL

Seriously...WOOHOO FOR YOU, Sarah!!! That is so fun! And what a great FIL you even think of getting it appraised. His quilt...and his DIL...are priceless to him, no doubt!

Holly said...

Wow, congratulations, that is wonderful!!