Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rain, rain, go away....

Alabama is getting water logged. It has been raining since last Saturday. The kids are upset that this is the second Saturday they will be stuck in the house. That means they will be inside making messes instead of outside running off their excess energy!

Not much new quilting going on here. I have been playing with the letters again. So far "Love Aunt" is done. Now I am working on "Sarah" . I decided Abby has outgrown calling me "yaya".

Because DH is an architect, we have lots of design magazines laying around. Several things have caught my attention lately. All of the photos are clickable for a larger view.
Baumraum is a firm in Germany (I think) that designs and builds adult tree houses. Aren't they cool? I would like my next sewing room to be in a tree house!
This second photo is what I want the inside to look like! Can't remember where I ran across this photo- but it was somewhere on the web. Do you think that DH the architect can fit all that inside my tree house?

These last two pictures are actually area rugs, but I thought they would make great designs for a quilt. I love the curves in both of them.


cher said...

oh yeah! a quilter's dream tree house...would that not be the greatest!?? I think those area rugs are great quilt inspirations too

Darcie said...

Oh yeah! Awesome dream spaces!!!

And those rugs are awesome. The only thing better than rugs like that would be quilts!!!