Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reasons I am not a math teacher!

Apparently I can't even count to 32. 32 is the number of pieced pineapple blossom blocks I need for the commissioned quilt. I realized a few weeks ago that I needed more of the pieced blocks and set to work piecing them. I finished them up and started assembling the rows. Last night I got down to putting the last two rows together. And yes, I was short 7 pieced blocks. I had started them at some point and then they got set aside. Fine, fine, fine. Finish them up. Nope - I don't seem to have enough of the fabric I was using for the triangles. UGH!!! I do a quick search of the internet and can't find it. What to do? I have one strip remaining and I have to get 8 triangles out of it. I was able to squeeze 6. So the last two triangles had to be pieced. This is the result.

Someday, a hundred years from now, Jessica's great-grand-daughter will look at this quilt and noticed these pieced triangles and wonder what happened!

Last week I pulled the kids out of school for a couple of days and we headed to Nashville to see my family. We missed out on spring break because me and Ian had the flu. My mom and I got to make a quick run up to Franklin Kentucky and go to a cute little quilt store. It was mostly Civil War Repro type fabrics.

I did manage to find a few fabrics to make a table runner for the annual Nina and Sarah birthday challenge. This year the table runner are going to other people, but I won't mention names in case she reads this blog. Nina - the person receiving your table runner already knows so you might not want to post any pictures!

Time to go get something accomplished - besides sewing that is!


Stacy said...

I saw your comment on my blog (about the purses). I would LOVE for you to send me some fabric!!
You can e-mail me at stacyproDOTyahooDOTcom so I can give you an address and we can sort out the details.
Thank you so much!

Stacy said...

Whoops...I just reread and realized that I probably misunderstood you. Yes, if you win the drawing (or if you would like to buy a purse from me), you can send me some fabric of your choice and I will make it from that. Again, e-mail me and we can work out the details.

Nines said...

That is so cool- I love how you use big ole plain blocks! Really gorgeous.
And the colors for the table runner are perfect. The tulip is all pieced, but then you fold back these things origami-ish... and top stitch. I worried that the red repros looked too christmassy. Whatcha think? I ended up bordering it in a different red repro- it looks sweet and interesting enough to top a table, but I wanna make a runner. I have a few different patterns I might try.

Shelina said...

I'm not much for counting either. I might get the count right and simply forget the number, or I may lose my place somewhere in the count. I generally just make some blocks, and then decide if I need more. then when there are just a few more, I count to see how many, and make those up right away. Since I make scrappy quilts, it generally hasn't been a problem. And yes, I have had to piece fabric too. I think it adds character.

Helen said...

When counting blocks I always lose count and get it wrong and have to start over - and I AM a maths teacher!