Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What do you think?

I was tired of working on the project I've been plugging along at (32 of Bonnie's pineapple blossom blocks in pink and brown) - so I decided to make a test block of the next quilt I am making. It will be a baby quilt for Maddie's teacher, who is due to have a baby boy in the middle of June. Her due date is the 19th but I told her that the 17th is a great birthday! Mine!
Her colors are chocolate brown, the blue in the block, and then a sagey green (the cross-hatched fabric in the picture). I like the block pattern - it would only require 4 blocks, some sashing, and a couple of borders.
I guess my question is - does the blue stand out too much? Would it work better somewhere else in the block?
I asked Maddie what she thought of it. She said "I like it - make me a quilt just like it." Why isn't she always this easy to please?
So, what do you think?


Jacquie said...

Not that I know anything..but I agree with Maddie...I think this looks really great. Make me one please!

Kathie said...

I like it too! I think if you add that blue in one of the borders you will be fine
go for it! and of course share the pix when your done.

Darcie said...

Maddie may be easy to please...but she's also beyond her years in taste of fabric and design! I would call it a definite "go!"

Have you seen the "baby" book from Alex Anderson? It is filled with quilts much like what you are about to make. Rich fabrics...somewhat modern settings...but all baby-sized quilts. I think it's a very smart trend!

Nines said...

I like it, but I would switch the paisley for the blue- that way you'd have a strong diagonal pattern- and use the blue in cornerstones for the sashing. But if that is too much trouble, it works just fine as is. Love you, too!