Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The case of the missing quilt

I have made it home from the summer's big trip. I had so much fun! We ate too much, talked a lot, laughed a lot, and shopped a lot! I will share more pictures later but I wanted to show you some pictures from the mystery that happened before I even left Tennessee.

First - here is a picture of me and Nines. Notice that somehow we have the same color of hair. More on that in another post!

Here is Nina's birthday quilt. She picked out the red fabric last summer when we were together. Her rules for this year's challenge quilt were simple - only two fabrics! I put the red together with a medium tan. I really like how it turned out. Kind of calmer than last year's quilt, no?
Wednesday morning before I headed off to Indiana, I asked my dad to help me get a picture of Nina's quilt. After he held it up for me, I laid it across a chair in the living room. About half and hour later, I started packing up the car. When I went looking for Nina's quilt, it is missing. It is no where to be found. My mother had already mentioned that if Nina hated the quilt for some reason, she would be glad to take it. So I went to Mom's bedroom - just in case the quilt had walked in there by itself!

First - I came across this bear claw quilt (in reds and creams) that I made for my sister about 6 years ago. Mom is keeping it "safe" for her!

Then, laying across the foot of Mom's bed, is the anniversary quilt (in red and tans) that I made Mom and Dad three years ago for their 40th anniversary. Hmm... what is that that I spy laying across her foot board? Could it be?

Yes, my mother, in her frenzy of straightening up the living room, had accidentally put Nina's quilt in her bedroom. Amazing, isn't it? She tried to act shocked when I told her where I found the quilt, but I don't believe her!

More pictures of my Indiana fun coming soon!


Sonja said...

Heehee! You have to admit that the colors match the general theme of the room! :)

Su Bee said...

Gee, can't say as I blame her! I love red quilts, and those are all beautiful!

Darcie said...

Oh...you have to admit, Sarah...that it does really "make" their master suite, doesn't it!

;-) Love the matching-my-girlfriend hair color for you and Nines. You both are gorgeous and the color is perfect for each of your skin tones! ;-) You didn't ONLY dye 25 yards of fabric then, did you!!! Secret's out!

Chrissie said...

Hooray for you! I love the way the colors set of the design so well! There is something about red and tans that give the feeling of antiquity....lovely!

Andrea said...

I would "adopt" that quilt too given half a chance - lol ! It's lovely. A snail trail quilt is on my to-do list ! Been reading your blog from the begining and really enjoy it !

Carol E. said...

Apparently you'll have to make another one as your mother obviously loves it, and it looks perfect on the foot of her bed!

Karen said...

You all are such characters. And those little glimpses of Indiana scenery bring me to tears each time :-). That quilt certainly looks absolutely perfect in that bedroom.

Shelina said...

Sarah, that quilt fits perfectly in there. It looks like it belongs. Maybe you need to make your Mom another one?