Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Today is being spent forcing myself to work on the binding for the pink and brown quilt. So far I have trimmed the quilt and ironed the binding. Why am I sitting here surfing the net? Avoidance.

I thought by posting this maybe it would force me to be productive. Send me some encouraging thoughts or comments.

Or you can come help.


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Nines said...

Ok, here goes...

It's only ONE quilt, for Pete's sake!! You can do it!! You'll feel great when it's all over and done with!! It's more of a pain avoiding it than just DOing it!!

OK, now I need to get to work... I made myself feel all guilty- ever notice how quilty looks almost exactly like guilty??? I think I'm gonna have to blog on that one. Love ya, I'll try to call during nap time- if I'm not asleep!