Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Copy Cat

This little quilt came together VERY quickly. It is the same pattern as Nina's latest QOV , just took a couple of rows off and left off the wide final border. I think it makes a cute baby quilt. This is a commission quilt for the same lady that hired me to make a baby quilt for her son's first child about two years ago. She wanted this one to be in the same colors, just a different pattern. So I used 30's repros again.
I am hoping to get this quilted and mailed off this week. I also want to get the top quilted for my cousin's baby. Then it will be taken back to my mom for the binding. Then we can discuss what to do for my other two cousins that are expecting. One of them is having baby # 2 - so we need to decide if we are gonna stick to our one quilt per family rule. Charlie is my one of only two cousins on my dad's side of the family. My other cousin is only 6 months older than my daughter. Yes, my first cousin. On my mom's side of the family I have 9 cousins - all within about 6 years in age of one another. That could be a lot of babies in a very short time! So we are thinking about breaking the rule for Charlie and then making sure that all the other quilts are very gender neutral. Mom is the top piece-er and then I quilt them on the long-arm.
What family traditions do you have regarding quilts?


Betty J in OKC said...

Is that pattern available online?

Julie said...

Hi Sarah, I, too am a copy cat! I loved the pattern Nines posted and she sent me the directions. Yours is a beauty. How will you quilt it? I'm not a long armer but do hope to machine quilt mine. Any pattern advice would be appreciated.

Lynn Dykstra said...

I made quilts for my nephews and nieces when they were born, and again when they were in their mid teens. It was good to connect with them in their years when Aunts are irrelevant to their lives My sister with the boys did not let the quilts go to college, but now that they are setting up their own apartments, they are taking along their quilts. I did not want to wait for weddings, that being a fluid time that might not happen for some, or might not happen until I am way too old to get a quilt finished!

Carol E. said...

My mother made a quilt for each child and each grandchild. She made one for her first great-grandchild but stopped after that. I am making a quilt for each of my siblings, in-law siblings, nieces, nephews, friends. It'll take forever!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

No one in my family has been a quilter until me - so no stories from the past.

I am making Lone Star bed quilts for everyone in our family - childrens, in-laws and grandkids - 10 in all. So far I have 5 stars done - and after all the stars are done I'll add borders and embellishments to match each persons likes and personalities.