Thursday, July 13, 2006

Home again, home again, AGAIN!

Last week, I was with out children until Thursday, at which point me and the DH went to Nashville to retrieve them. Friday morning we headed to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit DH's side of the family. We just returned home last night. Aahhh! My own bed!

Of the many adventures we had, the most exciting was that Maddie fell off a bed while watching a movie. She got several scrapes and a few nice sized lumps. As you can see, it has turned into a nice black eye! The bruise extends from right in front of her ear, up over her eyebrow. With her bangs hanging in her eyes, I didn't notice the black eye until this morning. Bad mommy!

We also drove down to Shreveport, Louisiana to visit DH's grandmother and two sets of aunts and uncles. These aunts and uncles are a hoot! I am glad that my kids are getting old enough to hopefully have memories of their great-grandmothers. DH has one grandmother still alive. She just turned 88 last week. And I have one grandmother who will be 80 in November. Anytime we get 4 generations together, I try to snap a picture. So this picture is of Maddie (DD) , Cleo (MIL's mother), Cherry (MIL), Stacy (DH), and Ian (DS). Can you see the family resemblance?

We are now back home and relaxing before school starts in just three more weeks. I spent the day sewing on the baby quilt for my new niece/nephew that is due to arrive in about a month. I want to get it done and delivered before the baby arrives. That way if it is a girl (like I am hoping for) I won't be so tempted to make it a pink girly quilt! I'm sure I will still be tempted but maybe I can control myself! Lots of half square triangles in this one! And for some reason I can't count to 25 today. Several times (yes, more than once!) I had to stop and make more triangles because I didn't have enough for the 25 needed blocks. Maybe I should have quit and taken a nap! Anyway, the main part of the top is done - now I can move on to the borders.

Well, blogspot has suddenly decided not to play nice with pictures. So I guess I will post a picture of the baby quilt later.


Darcie said...

Aaww. Poor Maddie. I got my first and only black eye when I was about her age. I thought that my new bed could serve dual a trampoline! I tried doing a backflip...hit my eye with my knee...and played hooky for a day from school. But darn if that black eye didn't stay...and turned a horrid greenish-yellow. Poor Maddie!

You've got one fine looking family, Sarah!

Nines said...

Glad you're home, I'm home and Maddie survived the bed/gravity incident without serious injury. Hope to see the picture of the yellow quilt, soon.

Shellie said...

My family can relate to black eyes right now. In the last month, 3 out of 4 kids have managed to get a black eye in 3 very different ways. No one here has gotten a black eye before and now three in one month.Crazy!

It's good to hear that Maddie came through it without it being too serious.