Saturday, July 15, 2006

Got those borders on!

This morning we went couch shopping. Once again - my taste versus DH's taste. We had agreed that we wanted a leather couch but who knew there were so many styles out there. I wanted clean lines. Unfortunately, the cleaner lines usually were accompanied by the standard brass nail thingys. Do you know what I mean? Stacy wanted something with cushy low arms and it has to be long enough for him to stretch out on.

Anyway, we came to no decisions and gave up and came home. After lunch and a nap, I decided to tackle the borders on the baby quilt. I think the top turned out really cute.
Now I am trying to psych myself up to have a quilting marathon. Somehow I have accumulated a pile of quilts that need to be quilted. Here's the list:

1 - this baby quilt

2- a quilt of valor my mom made

3 - the quilt of valor that I made for the our blackhawk pilot friend

4 - my dad's "the biggest blocks he's ever seen" quilt

5 - the civil war repro quilt my mom gave me a year ago

6 - the pink YBR quilt my friend Christie made for her daughter

7 - the lap size YBR quilt my other quilting student is finishing up

This should keep me busy for a while!

Time to get the kids ready for bed! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


quiltpixie said...

lots of practise time to master a new machine quilting pattern or two!

Elizabeth said...

I offered to hand quilt the baby quilt!

ForestJane said...

That's a lot to quilt!

The other thing you can do when hand dying fabric is make a color step down from whatever color you're doing - split it with half water, and you end up with a dark and a medium (or a medium/light) of the same tone.

Lisa D. said...

A very sweet quilt - so pretty!

Nines said...

Ok, no more whining!! I absolutely love the "Amish" blocks. They would call it "English" maybe. That's what happens when you are born in West Chester County, Pa. Did you know that about me? And such a paltry list of quilts that need quilting! I must have at least 30- can you believe that? Ugh! And do you have to make a marathon out of it? Maybe slow and staedy would be the way to go... three a week, tops. Didn't I see some leather couches- Jenny couches- without brass tacks? But, hard to find them with low arms... and I just want to say- milk and leather do not mesh well- so kids keep the drinks in the kitchen! Had to nag some.

Judy said...

Baby or not...I lik ethis quilt! I can see it all in reds and beiges or blue and white!

Great job!