Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vacuum Salesmen

Anyone ever have a Kirby salesman come to your door? Well, I made the mistake of letting one in this morning. He was here for about THREE hours. Totally wasted my day. I know, I know - I am way too polite! I should have just told him to leave. No matter how many times I told him that I was NOT going to spend $2000 on a vacuum without consulting my husband, he always had a come back. Thankfully DH eventually came home and told them we could not spend that amount of money right now. Then he got to listen to all their sales pitches. UGH!

After we finally got them out the door, DH points out that any vacuum is going to look like it is picked up huge amounts of dirt and dust if you take out the bag and use a little white filter instead. Good thinking!!!! We put a new bag in our Electrolux (only a year old and $300) and revacuumed DD's room and came up with a little dust still there after all those filters pictured above. Then we vacuumed DS's room and came up with lots of dirt! Yeah - I have such a smart husband!

I did manage to get both kids rooms cleaned today and their bathroom too. Got several loads of laundry done and put away. Got the kitchen tidied up while waiting for the vacuum guy to be picked back up by his manager. After he left, I vacuumed my whole house with my perfectly wonderful (and already paid for!) vacuum!

I have sewn a little in the past few days. I dug my blue pineapples back out and sewed them into groups of four. I haven't decided if I want this as a quilt for my bed or if I want to do something else with it.

Does anyone know a good place to get Aurifil thread at a good price?


Judy said...

I have a Dyson purple Animal vaccumm and I wouldn't have anything else! First time I vaccummed with it it looked like we had steam cleaned the carpets!

ForestJane said...

You've got a lot more patience than I do, really!

But I'd have never let him in, even if he promised to do all 3 bedrooms!

Sharon said...

The BEST place to get Aurifil thread which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, is at You will need to register, but that's OK to get the discount. A single spool is $6.37 and if you buy three of the same color it is $5.79 per spool. They also have weekly specials on lots of other things too. When you go to their site, go to the blue sidebar on the left for the threads.

Nines said...

Well, apparently you need your much meaner and more assertive friend there to show him the door! Life is too short to spend three hours with a salesman when you never intend to buy. Do they ever really wear somebody down into buying? Tommy used to sell those!! Sounds like you have gotten so much done!

JudyL said...

Sarah, I have one of those bagless vacs. Not sure if they're good or not but since I have a dog in the house, I like to dump the crud out when I vacuum. Anyway, I can go over the same spot a dozen times and it always seems to pick up the same amount of dirt. Not sure what that means but . . I've shared it anyway.

I used to use Aurifil thread and now I use the Superior Masterpiece. It is very similar and you can get it by the cone and get that little gizmo so it works with your sewing machine. It's all I use for piecing now.

Judy L.

Darcie said...

Those door-to-door salespersons can be so pushy, can't they! They don't get the whole *N-O* thing!