Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Saturday in the South

Have I told you that they are trying to put the final pave on our street? This picture is through our side light panels on the front door. DS was sitting out on our welcome mat watching one of the bulldozers breakup the asphalt. He sat there for a good half hour. I wanted to go out there and kiss his sweet neck.

We have survived the school year. Now we have about two and a half months before BOTH kiddies will head off to school and this mama will be lonely!

Last Sunday on my long, sleepy drive home from Nashville, I got to thinking about deadlines. It seems funny to me that I have so many deadlines associated with my quilting. Have to get this baby quilt done by such and such a date. Have to get a b-day quilt done on time. How did all these deadlines get imposed on my free-time? My hobby has become somewhat stressful. I know what Nina is thinking - deadlines, schmedlines! Do other hobbies have such deadlines?

We went in search of a new TV today. Ours is only 5 years old but is heading south. The top 5 inches of the picture has "horizontal rollover". It means that the picture looks like it is rolled over on itself. The tops of people heads are upside down! Anyway.... all the ones we liked were of course out of stock. When we want a TV we want it now! Not the first week of June - at the earliest!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Ann said...

Sarah, that neck does look pretty darned kissable! I remember crying on my ds's first day of school. Then crying at his graduation(of course I had cried at his older sister's grad. too). Now, it's been a year since my baby graduated. WHERE did the time go when he was sitting on the welcome mat watching the big equipment? My advice to you is DON'T BLINK!!

tami said...

Little boys do seem to love tractors and dump trucks. I wonder if they are born with that gene. I have a picture of my DS when he was about 2 sitting on our doorstep watching the large equipment put in a new driveway for us. A little boy who I couldn't get to sit still long enough for anything else sat for over an hour watching those vehicles.

Dawn said...

Oh how sweet about your son watching the tractors and trucks! At moments they are just too sweet!

We need a new TV too, but my husband says the kids can suffer so 6 of us are watching a tiny 19" (or 17") bedroom tv in our living room! ARGHHH - I hope we get a new one before next fall!