Monday, May 08, 2006

But I don't have anything to say!

My sister has complained that I haven't posted anything new since last Wednesday. So here, in boring detail, is something new. Last Thursday was spent cleaning house in case it rained (30% chance) on Friday and I have to have DS birthday party at home. I figured if I cleaned house surely the rain would disappear. Spent Friday morning cleaning and checking the weather. I really did NOT want 16 boys trampling through my house, my nice clean house! It was drizzly all morning but then at noon it cleared up and was bright and sunny! I was so excited! I went off to take my shower at about 1:30 - only to have Ian run into the bathroom and announce that it was raining again. UGH! So finally about 2:15 I give up the fight and call everyone to say the party is at our house. No party games - just cake and presents! When everyone arrives around 3 pm it was back to being bright and sunny! Everyone was able to run around outside and my house escaped any major damage.

Yes, Ian received a cordless drill for his 5th b-day. He has been begging DH for one for months. Some children are talented in sports, some in art - Ian is good with power tools! Ian would gladly spend all day with my dad, out in the barn, building "stuff". Ian is taking his drill to Tennessee this weekend to show to Papa. Not sure if he will allow Papa to use HIS drill, after all, Papa has two of his own!

Not much quilting going on around here. I put the borders on my cousin's baby quilt on Sunday. Got ready to piece the back and realized I was about a yard short! When I told this to my sister she asked if I had only bought a couple inches of fabric, after all this was only a baby quilt - how could I still need a whole 'nother yard of fabric. Smarty pants! It is a rather large baby quilt. Charlie (the daddy to be) was our very first cousin. I was 9 when he was born. He is on my dad's side of the family, where we remained the only three grandchildren until I was 29. Now I have another cousin who is 6 months older than my daughter! My mom's side of the family has us a little worried (as far as baby quilts go!) Each of my mom's three siblings had three children. That's a total of nine quilts that could happen in a relatively short time period. Actually, my mom is piecing the first quilt right now - for the baby due in September. We (mom and me) have made the executive decision that only #1 babies will receive a quilt, so they will hopefully be gender neutral (the quilts, not the babies). My sister's name has somehow ended up on the quilt label. Not sure what she has done to help the process. My mom says she will make Naomi take a few stitches on the binding! Naomi says she will make one great quilt in her lifetime. I think she is afraid of the addiction that me and my mom obviously have!

OK, I need to go take a shower. I am going to take Maddie to the walk in clinic. She has been complaining of a headache for two days.


Ann said...

Love the picture of your little guy. And he seems very proud of his new "toy". I think it's great to start 'em young. Can't wait to see pictures of what he builds!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I personally am very, very happy that Ian has told me that he'd like to go to Build-a-Bear for his birthday gift from me! I don't want him to grow up too quickly.... it will be very worth it to have to buy one for Madeleine, too!
love, Grams

Dawn said...

What a fun new toy! Until he starts drilling in your house!!!! :) Boy do I have stories about how clever my kids were when they saw or got something new!!!!!

Darcie said...

What a guy! Pretty soon, he'll be building houses for Daddy!

Hope Maddie gets down to the bottom of her headaches. Glasses perhaps?

And now that you have a spotless house...hope you can do some sewing.

Happy Mother's Day, Sarah!