Thursday, May 18, 2006

The blog police strike again

I have been contacted by the blog police with the complaint that my blog has not been updated in a week and a half. So sorry! I must have been pining away because Nines was out of town and I couldn't call her! I have also been crazy busy. Last Wednesday was DS's 5th birthday. Thursday DS had a doctor's appointment to get his shots for school. He was so very brave. He did not even cry until shots number three and four. Later that afternoon he told me "Mom, it really only hurt for a minute!" After leaving the doctor, we rushed home and packed to go to Nashville for the weekend. Picked DD up at school and rushed north. Stopped on the south side of Nashville to try and sell some kid's clothes to a (snobby) resale shop. Ugh! Then we rushed up to Oprymills Mall where Grams and Papa were taking DS to Build-a-Bear Workshop for his birthday. Cousins were there. Fun was had by all! Then we went to Grams house for a sleep over with the cousins.

I got Abby's quilt done and got to deliver it to her in person! She LOVES it! She gave me pink kisses and hugs for it!

Friday was spent playing with the kids. Papa took us all on a trailer ride behind the tractor. That night we had a pirate party for DS. Aunt Naomi made a treasure map, got pirate apparel, and even got a pirate ship pinata! Ian was quite impressed!

Saturday we had to hit Joann's! (Don't ask!) Then I took my sister and father out for a lovely lunch at Olive Garden. We had a very nice day.

Sunday, after church and lunch, we headed home. My Sunday afternoon nap was coming on strong! This is the last week of school so we have been busy with all of that kind of stuff.

I have managed to finish the blocks for Nine's b-day quilt. Got the rows sewn and am working on putting the rows together. I will share a picture with you after I give it to her in June. My sister likes it so it must not be too ugly!

Last week I also got to give the blue baby quilt to the mommy-to-be. She loves it! She said the nursery is going to be green and the quilt will match perfectly.

Well, I have got to get ready to go to DD's class for her year-end party. Ice-cream! Sprinkles! Brownies! Yeah!


ForestJane said...

Ice-cream, sprinkles, brownies, and a whole class full of kids sounds like a WILD afternoon!

Love the smile on the face of the little one under the pink quilt - if you keep a scrapbook of your quilts, that'd be a good one to put in it. :)

Tonya R said...

Oh, so sweet. Wonderful to see your work being so appreciated.

Laura said...

We knew Abby would love her quilt it is gorgeous!
It looks like she is drowning in pink!

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh what a sweet picture of Abby with her pink quilt! That is too adorable!

Shelina said...

All of your quilts are so cute! In the blue cobblestone quilt, the second block in the top row looks like a face to me. Those two big eyes, your quilting for the nose, and the little mouth. Adorable!