Saturday, February 16, 2008

What have YOU been up to?

I have finished up the last of the three baby quilts I had in the hopper. The next baby (Maddie's teacher's) isn't due until June - so I have some time off to do other quilting!

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for a girl from church. The bedding she has chosen, from what I can tell from the on-line pictures, looks kind of shabby chic to me. So let's hope she likes the quilt!

My friend Christie decided to work part time this year at a pre-school. Fridays are her day off. Last Friday we drove down to Columbus and both spent an obscene amount at the quilt store there. I was spending someone else's money - I have been "commissioned" to make a queen size brown and pink quilt by a college student at church. She has already given me $100 towards the fabric. It is lots of fun spending someone elses money!! We also bought some cool new patterns. Christie bought a bag pattern and I bought a pattern called BQ by Maple Island Quilts.

We were so anxious to try out the new pattern that we decided to have a crafty day this Friday. Christie hauled her machine and rotary cutting mat over here and we got started. I got my blocks sewn together but Christie only got her strips sewn together. Anyway she took the pattern home with her to finish up the blocks. As you can see, I sewd my blocks together wrong - but I am not changing it. I like it anyway!

I think this would make a great pattern for a Quilt of Valor. You could use blue for the dark brown parts and do the big squares in all different kinds of red prints.

So, what have you been up to?


Kim West said...

I agree - that would make a great quilt of valor quilt....

Carol E. said...

Alrighty! A Maple Island pattern. The creator is from my neck of the woods. She spoke at our guild's show last year. I put one of her patterns in our show this year (Frames). Now I understand the questions on M's blog.. is that a BQ quilt. They must be referring to this pattern.

paula, the quilter said...

O! Just wait! I'm just now catching up on my blog reading and guess what I did yesterday? I made a BQ quilt in Quilts of Valor colors. Yes indeedy! Great minds, yada yada. *giggle* I will probably post about it later in the week.