Saturday, May 26, 2007

Would Nina peek?

I got the top to Nina's birthday challenge quilt put together yesterday. Once I got the chance to sit down and sew for longer than five minutes at a time, the blocks went together pretty fast. I momentarily considered posting a progress picture - since I know Nina is on a mini-vacation by herself to Oregon. But I don't know if her friend in Oregon has a laptop they might be toting around with them. You will just have to wait a couple more weeks until I give it to her.

I am planning on going to Tennessee on June 5 and then leaving Ian there with my parents. Me and Maddie will go on up to Indiana on the 6th. We will come home on the following Tuesday. Me and Nines already have several places we have to eat - a Chinese buffet and the Cabbage Rose (for their yummy cashew chicken salad croissants!). And of course there will be lots of shopping thrown in for good measure. The same little town where the Cabbage Rose is located also has two quilt stores and lots of antique stores. Nina's DH suggested we go to this little town 6 years ago, when we were having a girls' day out. I was 9 months pregnant and we were trying to walk the baby out. He hung on for another two weeks! We have been going back to this town ever since.

I got the two graduation quilts down on Tuesday night. I gave them to the boys' grandma Wednesday night at bible class. She was so excited to have them done. And from what I hear - the boys both loved them.

I have one more quilt that I would love to get quilted before I go to Indiana - so I can have some more spending money! This one has already been pin basted and so I will have to dissect it before I can load it on the machine. She wants echo quilting done around the applique shapes in the quilt blocks. I am a little nervous about this!

I also need to measure a quilt that is sitting here waiting to be quilted. My friend Christie made it for her daughter's bed. It started off as a queen size quilt, but when they moved recently, they gave their daughter their old king size bed. So Christie enlarged the quilt by adding a border. Now I am worried that it will be too big for my quilt frame. I may have to haul it to Indiana with me and talking Nina into helping me get it done on her big 14 foot frame! I am just gonna do a big meander so it shouldn't take too long. Her quilting room is located out by her "Guest Suite" - so I could always sneak in there and do it at night!

I guess I should go do something useful! The house looks like a tornado hit. I'm not sure there were any survivors!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


JudyL said...

You and Nina always have so much fun together . . sounds like this trip will be another fun one! Glad you got those graduation quilts done.

Can hardly wait to see the birthday challenge quilt but I think you were wise to keep it off the blog -- never know if Nina would be looking!

Shelina said...

Wow Sarah, it sounds like you've been really busy working on a bunch of different quilts. Busy is good. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

atet said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip -- have a ton of fun.

The same tornado hit my house as well, there were survivors but they aren't doing well.

Su Bee said...

Whew! Sounds like YOU are the tornado! I hope you have a great relaxing and fun trip; it sure sounds terrific!