Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remember this quilt?

If you have survived this blog for the past 2.5 years, you might remember when I inherited this quilt top from my mom. She made the top for my nephew but then after it was together, she didn't like it. So she gave it to me......... and here it has sat for two and a half years. Mom keeps asking me when I am going to get around to quilting it. I have been ageing it to perfection!

When Mom and Dad were here a few weeks ago, we dug out the top for her to look at again. She decided that she did want to finish it. So I ever so graciously gave it back to her.

Now she is having second thoughts (or third or fourth). She asked me to post a picture of the quilt and ask all of my quilt expert friends a couple of questions. Are you ready to feel smart and influential?

#1 - Should she take the top apart and put some sort of sashing between the blocks? And maybe a matching border?

#2 - Should she take the time to hand quilt it or trust the quilting to the likes of me? Or maybe Nina? (haha!!!)

#3 - What do you think?

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for the ideas!


Betty J in OKC said...

Personally, I'd just add borders and bind it the way it is now. I wouldn't think or re-think taking it apart!!! Remind your Mom that done is better than perfect. :)

Holly said...

I agree... leave it alone. the only reason to keep playing with it and adding borders is if she needs it to be bigger! And I would think a nice all over quilting design like the Baptist Fan would be appropriate for this quilt!

Sheila in Ohio said...

WOW! I love the quilt just the way it is. I would find it difficult to take apart any quilt just to add sashing... if I didn't like it that much it would be gifted to someone who did (raising hand!) or finish it for charity.

Personally, I would have it machine quilted... too many seams (for me) for hand quilting.

Sharon said...

Borders would be nice to stop the action, and possibly to make it bigger. I like the way the blocks play with each other in the cornerstones. Machine quilting IMHO would be best - the seams would kill me. And if she still doesn't like it, you know, it COULD come live in KS!

Carol E. said...

I love it! Leave it alone. I can just see it all quilted and loved up. I vote for machine quilting, but that's me... I like getting them done fast. I like the above reminder: done is better than perfect.

Shelina said...

I think it is a great quilt, and sashing would take the secondary effect you have with those four patches. I'm not much into handquilting anything, so I think a good all over design would be lovely.

atet said...

I love this quilt -- I'd say leave it as is and have it quilted by someone with a longarm. Then again -- I'm in love with piecing, not as much on the quilting (thought that is changing).

Rose Marie said...

I love it as is, but if your Mom really, really wants to take it apart, then what about putting in a gray sashing and black corner stones to tone down all the colours. Baptist fans would be lovely on this quilt either by hand or machine.