Friday, February 01, 2008

How did you meet your sweetie?

I spent most of this afternoon stuck in a highway back up caused by an accident that happened at 2;30 this morning. They had to call in a crane to get the vehicle out of the ditch and they chose this afternoon to block the interstate. So the trip that should have taken 45 minutes took three and a half hours. To top it off, I had an 8.5 month pregnant woman with me!! We had gone to Montgomery to get some fabric for me to make a curtain for the babies room. Anna and I had a nice talk about everything from our irritable bowels to our crazy mother-in-laws. We also discussed how we met our hubbies.

When I was in college in Tampa, me and my sister started going to church with my future brother-in-law. This is the same congregation where DH's grandparents were members. So I knew his grandparents for several years before I even met him. His grandfather is also named Stacy - a family name. Anyway, one Sunday morning Stacy's grandma came toddling up to me and my room mate and says that she wants us to meet her grandson. We looked at each other and with our eyes said "Do we really have to?" Grandma Norman was a nut and we were a bit worried about the genetics of the situation. Anyway, she introduced us and he developed a crush on my roomie. I moved 1000 miles away to finish college for a year and a half. After graduating, I moved back to Florida to be near my sister. Everything clicked - we dated for 8 months, got engaged, and were married 8 months later. We have been married for 14 years now. Here are our cute selves!

How did you meet your honey?

Back to the curtains - here is the baby quilt we were trying to match. We went with the brown with pink polka dots for the main portion and the diamond print for the valance part. Anna loved the baby quilt. She asked me the other night if she could pay me to make a curtain for the nursery to match the quilt. So today we went on a search for the fabric to match.

So while searching for fabric, we got to know each other better and became much better friends. making a friend while stuck in traffic! Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


tami said...

I met my honey in High School algebra class :c)

Joyce said...

We met in Teachers' College about 45 years ago. Where has all that time gone?????

atet said...

I met my husband the night of my senior prom. No, he wasn't my date (no blind date stories turning out well here). I was with someone else and he was there with his girlfriend at the time watching (weird custom in these parts -- they open the balcony to the prom for parents/friends for the first hour to watch the fun). Funny thing is? He remembers it -- I, honesstly, don't. It took another 10 years before we began dating (though we had become friends in the meantime) and then another 3 years before we were married. :0).

Sweet P said...

I married the boss's son so we met at work.

Carol E. said...

My husband met me during our freshman year in college, and I met him during our sophomore year! We had a class together freshman year. He noticed me, and then it took him a year to work up his courage to ask me out. Meanwhile I had a crush on the guy who sat next to him. I really didn't even notice my future hubby or know his name and had no clue that he knew mine! Have now been married 32 and a half blissful years.

Pat said...

I met my husband at the Dairy where we both worked to pay for college. I worked in the lab and he made ice cream!
We have been married 22 years and still eat ice cream almost every night :)