Thursday, January 24, 2008

One down, one to Saturday!

Wednesday I managed to ignore other tasks that needed to be done and instead got the binding put on the purple and green baby quilt. I was so nervous that Mackenzie would show up at any moment and her quilt would still not be done. Why is it that the binding never takes as long as I think it will?

For the back, I did not have enough of either the purple or the green so I came up with the 9 patch idea. Amazingly I got it centered top to bottom. Right to left is easy since you center the quilt when you pin it on the machine.

April loved the quilt. yeah!!! Now Mackenzie can come when ever she wants to. Hopefully soon!! I can't wait to kiss on a sweet baby girl!

Next up, binding on the pink and brown baby quilt. The baby shower is on Saturday afternoon. I also need to clean house...again... because my parents are coming on Saturday. How does everything get so messy in just a few days? Mess - thy name is Madeleine and Ian. They will be the death of me!


Laurie said...

What a stunning, yet simple quilt! I just LOVE it!

atet said...

That quilt is perfect for a baby girl! Love the colors and the pattern.

As for the mess -- um, I pretty much ignore mine. But, well, I may need to spend some time cleaning. It's getting to the point I can't find anything!

Shelina said...

It is beautiful Sarah. Congratulations on a great finish!

Sweet P said...

I love the quilt. Purple and green is my favorite color combination

Carol E. said...

That quilt came alive with the quilting and binding! It's just gorgeous.

sophie said...

I loved this little quilt when I saw in it January, so I added it to my short list and this month it's our inspiration for the block lotto on the forum on - details here. Thanks ;-)