Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tired of looking at those EQ quilts

It is time for a new post, if for no other reason than I am tired of looking at those challenge quilts I drew up in EQ. I haven't been quilting much lately - life has gotten in the way. My husband is an architect and has been renovating his new office since July. They were able to move in at the beginning of October, but lots of details were still not done. He finally got around to planning an open house for last Tuesday. So for the last two weeks we have been working non-stop to get everything in order. We were up there every night until about 8. Last Saturday we were there all day. Every thing finally came together on Tuesday morning -about an hour before the guests arrived! Here is a picture of one part of the space:

The space behind the wall where the printouts are hanging is a closet. Then comes a small kitchenette. And then on the end is the bathroom. I keep thinking this would make a great space for a quilt store. Actually there is another space, right next store that is about 500 square feet larger! A girl can dream, can't she?

While I haven't been getting much time to sew, I have been adding to my list of quilts I need to make! We found out on Tuesday that Maddie's teacher is expecting her first baby in June. While this wouldn't normally require me to make a quilt, we also go to church with her and her husband, so now she gets added to the list. After I finish up my nephew's quilt (who made his appearance on Monday!) - then it will be three baby girl quilts and then this newest addition to the list.

My in-laws are coming new weekend to see the new office. That means that some serious house cleaning is in store for me this week.

What are you up to?


Carol E. said...

The office looks great. My hubby is an architect, too!

Karen said...

Hi, Sarah, use that other space for your quilt studio!!

Sweet P said...

What an awesome office space. I like your dream of a quilt shop next door. A girl can definitely dream.