Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I gave up...

I gave up looking for more of that brown fabric. several people found it for me - in other colors. One even found it online in the right color - in California. When I called the store on Sunday afternoon to make sure it was really the right thing (the picture on-line was tiny and could not be enlarged) - the poor sales lady could not find the fabric anywhere. So close!

So this morning after finishing up the second red, white and blue table runner, I gave up and pieced together all the leftover brown scraps and came up with enough for the borders. Hopefully all the seams won't be that noticeable after it is quilted.

I have some fabric picked out to make one for my MIL. Right now I have to go rescue the kitchen so thanksgiving dinner details can get started! Have a great weekend!


Nines said...

Love your gifts for the family!! I have some of that bird fabric in mustard yellow- still haven't found anything to go with it! I love you!! I bought the stuff to make you some peanutbutter fudge- I'll be on that, Monday- that way it won't sit in the post office over a weekend. Eat some fried stuffiing for me! I'm back on the wagon, so I'm not even making any! Happy Thanksgiving!

Darcie said...

Have a wonderful day, Sarah!